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Who We Are:

        Oklahoma Space Alliance is the central Oklahoma Chapter of the National Space Society, one of the largest space advocacy groups in the country, and has existed for more than 20 years. Our purposes include promoting the exploration and development of space, educating the public to current events in space and the usefulness of an active space program, all with the intent of promoting a space-faring civilization.
        Oklahoma Space Alliance hosted the 23rd Annual International Space Development Conference on May 27-31, 2004. We previously hosted three Regional Space Development Conferences, assisted with earlier ISDCs, put displays in malls, hosted lectures, sponsored television interviews, hosted viewing nights, worked with other space-oriented groups and maintained local contact with the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority.
        Oklahoma Space Alliance helped out with the 2007 International Space Development Conference which was hosted by the National Space Society of North Texas in Dallas Texas from May 24 - 28, 2007, and put together a commemorative exhibit for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. This exhibit ran through July of 2009. (See below for details.)
        We do bimonthly newsletters called Outreach and Update to keep our members informed of current developments in space and upcoming events they might be interested in. Editor of Outreach is Syd Henderson and editor of Update is Claire McMurray.

        Oklahoma Space Alliance is now on Facebook at Oklahoma Space Alliance.

January 2018 Outreach (pdf format)

January 2018 Update (pdf format) (Material to be presented at the January Meeting as part of What's Happening)

July 2017 Outreach (pdf format) Includes a forecast of the August 21 Total Eclipse and Syd's notes from the International Space Development Conference

Space Priorities (pdf format)

January Meeting:

         Oklahoma Space Alliance will meet at 2:00 p.m. on January 13, 2018 at Earl's Rib Palace, 920 SW 25th St, Moore, OK. This is between the 1-35 West Frontage Road and Telegraph Road. Telephone number is 793-7427.

Saturday January 13, 2018

Place: Earl’s Rib Palace
Moore Oklahoma
2:00-5:00 PM

  1. Introductions
    1. What’s Happening in Space, News, Pictures, and Videos by David Sheely
  2. Break
  3. Video 28 minutes, Jeff Greason, Chairman of the Tau Zero Foundation:  Missions Enabled by Plasma Magnet Sails   
  4. Discuss Business
    1. Review OSA Accounts
    2. Summary of December Meeting
    3.  Review of Require annual report to NSS
    4. Other issues
  5. Chat

 Minutes of December Christmas Party and Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance had its annual Christmas party on December 9, this year at Tom and Heidi Koszorus’. In attendance were Steve and Karen Swift, Mike Hopkins, Claire and Clifford McMurray, John Northcutt, Tim Scott, David St. John, Dave Sheely, Brian Swift, Rosemary Swift, and Syd Henderson.
         Although this was a party, we had some business to take care of. First, Claire brought petitions for people who are running for the National Space Society, which we passed around to OSAns who are also NSS members.
         We voted to thank Steve Swift for not only saving but improving OSA.
         Finally, we elected officers. Dave Sheely as President, Syd Henderson as Secretary and Tim Scott as Secretary were unanimous. Clifford McMurray and Tom Koszoru were competing for Vice President, and Mr. McMurray was elected.
         Clifford McMurray, Syd Henderson and Brian Swift volunteered to go through and modify our bylaws and bring up the changes at the next meeting.
--Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

Report on December 13 OSIDA Meeting

         Syd Henderson attended the December 13 meeting of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority at the Department of Transportation building in Oklahoma City. Board members in attendance were Robert Cox (Chairman), Michael Halsey (treasurer), Ben Robinson, and David Greer. OSIDA Secretary Bailey Siegfried was absent Also in attendance were Air and Spaceport Executive Director Bill Khourie, Deputy Executive Director Nicola Borghini, Secretary Kim Vowell and legal advisor Kindra White. There were only a couple of people in the audience besides Syd
         Former OSIDA Board Chair and member Major General Jay Edwards died December 8 at the age of 86, and a memorial service was announced for December 18. General Edwards was an OSIDA board member at least as late as the spring of 2017, and I’d known him in that capacity for at least five years. Obituary is at Full obituary:  http://legacy.newsok.com/obituaries/oklahoman/obituary.aspx?n=jay-edwards&pid=187483984
         Nicola went to SpaceCom 2017 in Houston, Texas in early December to look at technology for current space. It’s no longer a question of returning to the Moon and going to Mars.
--Notes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

 Between-Meeting Activities

         Claire, Kip, Syd, Tim and Dave went to the TX-Central Regional Space Development Conference in Grapevine, Texas on November 18. (Grapevine is part of the Dallas metropolitan area). This was a lively conference featuring Dr. Camille Wardrop Alleyne, Wally Funk, Kurt Chankaya from the Mars Society, President Ken Murphy of the Moon Society, and Jeff Greason, the CEO of Agile Aero.
         Dr. Alleyne worked as a lead system engineer and crew module systems engineer for the Constellation program, and test manager for the Orion Program, and is currently associate program scientist for the International Space Station, and as such is described as modern-day “Hidden Figure.” She spoke to us on the benefits of the ISS, such as studying the human physiological response; physical science involving fluids, flames, and convection; technology development and demonstration; earth science between the latitudes of 51.6 degrees north and south (which includes 85 percent of the Earth’s surface; astrophysics; enabling commerce in near-earth orbit; and study of the effects of long-term space missions. One negative effect Dr. Alleyne mentioned that I hadn’t heard of is that 60 percent of astronauts on long-term missions have serious deterioration of eyesight, as have 29 percent of astronauts on short-term missions.

         Jeff Greason .is the CEO (and co-founder) of Agile Aero. He previously was the CEO of XCOR from 1999 until 2015. Mr. Greason spoke on the status of commercial space flight. The United States currently has 75 percent of commercial LEO capacity.
         Small satellites are increasing in numbers bit are not a big driver of capacity because they are usually launched as secondary payloads.

         Ken Murphy of the Moon Society spoke of cislunar space. LEO is suitable for fueling depots, free-flying platforms and space docks.
         Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) is a bit wavy due to differences in gravity above points on the Earth’s Surface. This creates gravitational sinks over the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
         At LEO, you can change to any inclination for the same amount of energy (?). [I may have written this down wrong. He may have been talking about L1, since the next note I have is on placing a satellite in a Near-Rectilinear Halo Orbit (NRHO) around the Earth-Moon L1 point.]

            Kurt Chankaya from the Mars Society spoke on Mars Direct, which we’ve mentioned here quite a few times. One thing he mentioned is that LEO and Moon spacesuits are not suitable for Mars. In fact, lunar space suits wear out after a few days (which is how long each mission stayed on the Moon), and used water for evaporative cooling. Suits on Mars would have to be much sturdier because of the nature of Martian dust [and the corrosiveness of Martian soil.]

         Wally Funk was one of the Mercury 13; a group of women chosen at the same time as the Mercury 7 astronauts. 125 men took the tests and only seven were selected. Twice as many women passed but the were rejected from flying. Ms. Funk has become something of an ambassador to getting girls to choose engineering as a field. She gave a lively account of her experiences taking the NASA tests, and why a lot of them (such as squirting cold water into people’s ears) were dropped, to the relief of future astronaut candidates.    

Outreach & Update

       Outreach and Update are the newsletters of Oklahoma Space Alliance. Outreach is published in odd-numbered months and is sent both by post and by e-mail.Update is published in even-number months and is sent by e-mail. The December Update is often replaced by a meeting announcement election ballot, in which case the November minutes will be published in the January Outreach. You must be a member of Oklahoma Space Alliance to receive Outreach by post unless you are on our courtesy list. To receive newsletters by e-mail, contact Syd Henderson at the address at the bottom of the page. The newsletters listed below are slightly edited to turn them into web pages.
        Outreach is edited by Syd Henderson, and Update by Steve Swift.

January 2018 Outreach (pdf format)

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