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Who We Are:

        Oklahoma Space Alliance is the central Oklahoma Chapter of the National Space Society, one of the largest space advocacy groups in the country, and has existed for more than 20 years. Our purposes include promoting the exploration and development of space, educating the public to current events in space and the usefulness of an active space program, all with the intent of promoting a space-faring civilization.
        Oklahoma Space Alliance hosted the 23rd Annual International Space Development Conference on May 27-31, 2004. We previously hosted three Regional Space Development Conferences, assisted with earlier ISDCs, put displays in malls, hosted lectures, sponsored television interviews, hosted viewing nights, worked with other space-oriented groups and maintained local contact with the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority.
        Oklahoma Space Alliance helped out with the 2007 International Space Development Conference which was hosted by the National Space Society of North Texas in Dallas Texas from May 24 - 28, 2007, and put together a commemorative exhibit for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. This exhibit ran through July of 2009. (See below for details.)
        We do bimonthly newsletters called Outreach and Update to keep our members informed of current developments in space and upcoming events they might be interested in. Editor of Outreach is Syd Henderson and editor of Update is Claire McMurray.

        Oklahoma Space Alliance is now on Facebook at Oklahoma Space Alliance.
        Oklahoma Space Alliance received a Merit Award (thumbnail below) for Legistlative Outreach at the 2016 International Space Development Conference in Puerto Rico.
2016 ISDC Logo

May 2017 Outreach (pdf format)
(Includes pictures of Yuri's Night celebration)

Space Priorities (pdf format)

May Meeting:

         Oklahoma Space Alliance will meet at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Earl's Rib Palace, 920 SW 25th St, Moore, OK. This is between the 1-35 West Frontage Road and Telegraph Road, a couple of blocks south of Harry Bears. Telephone number is 793-7427.


Saturday May 13 2017

Place:   Earl’s Rib Palace
Moore Oklahoma
2:00-5:00 PM

  1. Introductions
    1. What’s Happening in Space,  News, Pictures, and Videos by David Sheely
  2. Break
  3.   “Greening the Galaxy” a presentation by the Oklahoma Space Alliance Chapter, National Space Society, based on the NSS Roadmap 2017 Draft. Claire McMurray will present this talk both here and at the International Space Development Conference in St Louis.
  4. Discuss Business
    1. Review OSA Accounts
    2. Summary of April   Meeting
    3. Other issues
  5. Chat

Minutes of April Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance held its regular monthly Meeting on April 8 at Earl’s Rib Palace in Moore, Oklahoma. Attending were Steve and Karen Swift, Russ Davoren, Mike Hopkins, Tom Koszoru, Claire and Clifford McMurray, Tim Scott, Dave Sheely, Brian Swift, Rosemary Swift, Rachelle Thibodeaux, Dennis Wigley, and Syd Henderson. OSA President Steve Swift presided over the meeting.
         Since this was our meeting closest to Yuri’s Night, we had our Celebration of Human Space Flight at this meeting.

What’s Happening in Space: (This is online as part of the April Update: http://chapters.nss.org/ok/Update1704.pdf.)
         Article: “We May Have Just Witnessed the Dawn of Truly Commercial Spaceflight” by Eric Berger, http://arstechnica.com. The birth here is the first launch of a spacecraft into orbit by a reusable commercial rocket. We watched a video of this launch and landing by SpaceX.
         NASA now has a searchable online library full of pictures, located at https://images.nasa.gov.
         Jupiter has a co-orbital asteroid that orbits retrograde with respect to Jupiter’s orbit. This means that it passes through both clouds of Trojan asteroids and comes close to Jupiter as well.
         We watched the Delta IV launch of WSG 9.

Business Meeting:
         We have $1083.38 in the checking account and $257 in cash. We voted to reimburse Steve for the cost of dessert for the Celebration.
         Rachelle is graduating from UCO.

Celebration of Space Flight.
         We watched a few-seconds long video of Yuri Gagarin’s launch.
         We watched a video of Gagarin with a photographic tour of his house.
         We watched a video of John Glenn’s first orbital flight.
         We watched a video of space launch facilities.
         We watched a video of American launch failures, many (but not all) of which occurred before Alan Shepard’s launch.
We watched a video of Neil Armstrong on an Australian talk show.
         Claire has permission to say that “Greening the Galaxy” is from Oklahoma Space Alliance.
         We had desserts to celebrate space flight.

For pictures of the Celebration of spaceflight, see the May 2017 Outreach.
                                                                                          --Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

Outreach & Update

       Outreach and Update are the newsletters of Oklahoma Space Alliance. Outreach is published in odd-numbered months and is sent both by post and by e-mail.Update is published in even-number months and is sent by e-mail. The December Update is often replaced by a meeting announcement election ballot, in which case the November minutes will be published in the January Outreach. You must be a member of Oklahoma Space Alliance to receive Outreach by post unless you are on our courtesy list. To receive newsletters by e-mail, contact Syd Henderson at the address at the bottom of the page. The newsletters listed below are slightly edited to turn them into web pages.
        Outreach is edited by Syd Henderson, and Update by Steve Swift.

May 2017 Outreach (pdf format)
January 2016 Outreach (pdf format)
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(Note, during even months, "What's Happening in Space" is incorporated in Update.)

Minutes of Oklahoma Space Alliance Meetings

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*Includes notes on OSIDA meeting

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Contact person for Oklahoma Space Alliance is Claire McMurray
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Webmaster is Syd Henderson.
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