One of the Reasons we Explore Space is to better Understand our own planet and to Protect it from harms way. While carrying out this most important task we seek to explore the possibility of extending ourselves to the outer planets and beyond. Perhaps we were once there and found this rotating ball of glory to land on. Now its time to journey back and rediscover. Its good to know that our beautiful Planet Earth will be waiting for our return. But only if we Guarantee its safety now …. Candace Pankanin





Saturday and Sunday


April 24 and 25, 2004


11 AM to 5 PM


Grand Central Station


Vanderbilt Hall


42nd St  & Park Ave

[ the main entrance into Grand Central ]


New York, New York


It is estimated that over 220,000 people will pass through Grand Central Station on these two days. Be one of them. Come visit with the New York Chapter members of the National Space Society. Confirmed  members are from  NSS-NYC and  L.I. Space Society.  And as an added bonus our table will be set up next to the N.Y. Skies display headed by John Pazmino who is also a member of, and contributing writer for, NSSNYC. Go to the Official website of Earth Day NYC and get an overview of what and who will be there.  And, on a last but certainly not least note, its FREE…



 A Special Thanks to..



 ~Myrna Coffino who has contributed  a Year Membership in New York Space Society - NSSNYC for one lucky person.


 ~Terry Gulino who gave the cost of a Tee Shirt –decal pictured above- which will be presented to the lucky winner of one of our contests. .. .


Confirmed Volunteers


NSSNYC  -  Candace Pankanin (President)SS,  Harold Egeln(VP)SS,  Terry Gulino (Treasurer)SS,  Eugene Cervone (Secretary)Sun,  Fran Cervone (Sun),  Norman Wille(Sun) -  L.I. Space Society -Arthur Smith (President)Saturday         …..*(SS=Saturday and Sunday)