February 4, 2006

Mars Rover Day at: The Cradle of Aviation Museum

Roving Mars IMAX Movie ($7/person): 1 to 1:45 PM
Lecture: Dr. Scott McLennan, 2 to 3:00 PM
Members of the general public are welcome to join us for this event - please contact Susan Raizer, trekker724@aol.com with the number of people you will bring.

"Roving Mars" - The movie takes the audience on a fantastic journey to an undiscovered planet of mystery and wonder, none other than the planet Mars. Steve Squyers, the lead science investigator at Jet Propulsion Laboratory responsible for the Mars Rover project, will narrate the movie. The movie takes his team of scientists through the preparations and eventual landing on Mars.

Following the Roving Mars IMAX film, Professor Scott McLennan will cover what the rovers have done over the past few months, and some of the unexpected problems faced during the program. He will then discuss the future of the Mars Exploration program, briefly describing some of the planned missions and the types of missions that people are thinking about for the future, including human exploration.

Professor Scott McLennan has been on the faculty of Stony Brook University since 1987, in the Department of Geosciences. His research focus is on the geology and geochemistry of Mars, and he has been a member of the Mars Exploration Rover team that has worked with Spirit and Opportunity as they have explored that planet. Professor McLennan has appeared on television and radio and has spoken at a number of the Mars Rover events in recent years. Dr. McLennan has a PhD from Australian National University.

Join us Saturday February 4, 2006 for an exciting Mars Day!

November 19, 2005

General Meeting of the Long Island Space Society

              at:  The Cradle of Aviation Museum

                          time: 1 to 2 PM

Please join us to discuss the future direction for the chapter.  At the conclusion of the meeting, you will be able to tour the museum if you have not already done so.  Come with your ideas!  Check the Cradle of Museum website for driving directions.  Any questions or comments, please contact me at: Trekker724@aol.com.

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To join the Long Island Space Society, first join NSS and indicate us as your chapter; if you're already an NSS member, email apsmith@lispace.org to be added to our list.