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                               Candace Pankanin –

NSS Vice President for Chapters


Candace received her Masters degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ in 1997 and currently works in the field of telecommunications.  She did her undergraduate work in physical education at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree.  Elected to and served as President of the New York City Chapter of NSS (7/2003-8/2005), founded NSS-NJN Society for Space Education October 1 2005, appointed and served as NSS Chapter Resources Coordinator (2005-2006) by the then VP of NSS Chapters Arthur Smith (2004-Oct 2006).  Presently serving as the NSS Region 7 Director(BOD) and Organizer. Developed and maintains the NSS-NJN Society for Space Education website.


Her interest in Space Exploration and Science began when she was in grade School when her brother John handed her a book titled “Man in Space.”  In High School she was asked by the School Staff to participate on the Student council and was then elected to serve as one of its representatives for a period of two years before graduating.  In her senior year her classmates elected her to serve as President of the Graduating class.


While working at the Daily News as a classified Sales Representative she was elected and served as a union representative for negotiations of its contract. In her present position, while serving as a voluntary member of the Manhattan Video Dial-tone Team in 1994,a group picked to test a new telecommunications technology, she received the President’s Quality Award, which she proudly displays. 


Candace is also a member of AIAA and the Planetary Society.  She has always been an activist for and supported women’s groups that promote equality in all things. She joined  WIAI (Women in Aviation International) in the year 2000.  She regularly attends conferences that will increase her knowledge and help to promote her beliefs. Her mantra now is Ad Astra (To The Stars) which of course is the name of the magazine and central purpose of the National Space Society.


In closing, to promote her own health and the health of all living beings she has, for some thirty years now, chosen to live her life as a Vegetarian.  She enjoys playing golf, exploring new places and walking on the beach near sunset. Her favorite leisure time is spending time with animals.  It is no surprise that she also believes in the intrinsic rights of animals.



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