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About Us

When formed as an outpost. Date website out online; when chapter charter was received.

Previous/other chapters in area. (you may find it worth the effort to collaborate with any other local groups.)

Who should feel invited to join (persons from all walks of life and of all backgrounds).

Membership Benefits. etc.

Chapter dues if any (one way to avoid dues is for all books, displays, and other items to be owned by individual members and made available to the chapter when needed for outreach events)

Current Officers or name of chapter/outpost contact.

Moon Society Chapter Rules




Moon Society Your burg Outpost meets on the -th ----day each month

at -----------

[interactive map - zoom in / out link from ]

Special Directions

Other Information (agenda, guest speaker, displays, etc.)


Projects [project ideas]

Putting together displays and exhibits [display hints]

Creating handout literature [resources]

Getting a newsletter started [helpful hints]



Chapter Activities [other activity ideas]

Annual Holiday Potluck, Summer BBQ

Field Trips

Movie Outings

Growing your chapter



Chapter Displays & Exhibits [exhibit ideas]

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