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Creating an attractive and functional web page can be both Easy & Fun.

If you happen to be a person who enjoys both writing and graphics, web page making is an ideal medium that will exercise and develop your talents in both areas.

Software can make the job even easier.

While html purists may shun this lowly route, these days you do not have to know HTML to create a web page.

  • Many Internet Service Providers offer free web space to their members, and to encourage its use, have web-page making software built in.
  • Some Specific Products: You can buy software for your PC or Mac that let's you compose your page on a "get what you see" basis, writing the html code for you underneath. This is the "Look, ma! No html!" approach, and there is nothing wrong with it.
    • Claris Home Page 3.0 for Macs & PCs [tutorial 1] [tutorial 2] [tutorial 3] [tutorial 4] [frequently asked questions] CHP seems to have been abandoned by FileMaker, Inc., the company who took over some of the Claris line. But CHP 3.0 still has a devoted following, and the product may be available for purchase here and there. The Space Chapter Hub website has been made with CHP 3.0


Website Design Assistance - 0nline assistance and e-groups



Online HTML Manuals -



Tricks of the Trade - Learning how to do more, and to keep on improving how your page looks, loads, navigates, and functions

  • By clicking "view source" or "source code" when you see a web page that has a design feature you like, but which you do not know how to duplicate, you can try copying the pertinent section of code into the source code for your page and see if it works. Examples:
    • learning how to use tables with BORDER=0 settings to compose great page top banners with active imbedded links (menu buttons)
    • Learn how to import banner links and picture links from other websites without adding to your own web space load
    • Learn how to make your own page backgrounds, or copy non-copyrighted background tiles that you like from other websites
    • Learn how to make jazzy buttons
  • You can always write a webmaster for how-to information. Some may reply.
  • Be on the lookout for local Web Fairs
  • Join an Online Web discussion group