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Space Chapter Transparency Sets

Chapter Leaders: If your chapter has developed transparency sets as an audiovisual aid for presentations on any aspect of space, please submit details.

You can also make your own transparencies from art on the Image Libraries page and from slides

New - Uncle Bill's Guide to El Cheapo Computer-Generated Slides

You can print right to overhead slides on any inkjet printer with inkjet overhead slides you can get at any office store.

Or you can turn any of the images below into transparencies

RelativeSizesPoster.pdf - Relative Sizes: Earth, Moon, Mars - download file from the pdf directory

SystemTradeRoutesTP.pdf - Inner Solar System Trade Routes based on the location of resources, gravity wells, and prospects for economic development - download file from the pdf directory

SpaceMotorcycle.pdf - The minimial open to space lunar ascent vehicle for two persons (in the Artemis Project ™ Refernce Mission) - Artwork © by Vik Olliver - download file from the pdf directory

MoonPieChart.pdf - Use this color version as a poster or transparency. The Moon may be "Pie in the Sky" but, oh, what a recipe! Just what we need to make metal alloys, glass, glass composites, ceramics, concrete and other building materials. These resources will be the grounds for economic and industrial self-reliance. Mentions regolith volatiles and polar ice deposits.

LunarSolarPowerSystem.pdf - Shows how the Lunar Solar Power Array proposed by David Criswell would work

new - Crewed Exploration Vehicle Speculative Configuration - an 1166x748 pixel jpeg

new - Why on Earth do we Spend Billions on Space? - Contributed by Jim Spellman in WinWord 97/2000