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Foreword (immediately below)

Templates 101 (U.C.)

Embellishing Your Template (U.C.)

Selected Templates
updated 10|16|2006


FOREWORD: You have absolute control over what your chapter website looks like.

There are no site templates. Here you will find some models, any of which you are free to use as is, or adapt in any way that suits you. But you are perfectly free to do something quite different that suits your own tastes.

If your chapter already has its own website, you are free to move it, as is, to the appropriate new free location below. In other words, there are no strings to this free space at:


First, browse through the great diversity of existing chapter websites. Notice what you like, and what you don't like - both about design, and about content. Notice navigation menus, colors, backgrounds, ease of finding what you want. Notice "what" each site has as content: basic information, meetings, contact information, projects, events, displays, etc.

  • 32 NSS Chapter Websites - go to and use pulldown menu at the bottom of the main page to find various chapter websites. Unfortunately, at the present (9|26|02) there does not seem to be one list of NSS chapter websites on this site where you can see it all at once.
  • 43 Mars Society Chapter Websites - list at: While many Mars Society chapter webmasters have adopted the template used by the Parent Organization, there is no obligation to do so, and you will find some originality. After all, the "Red" Planet is NOT really "red"!
  • 5 Artemis / Moon Society websites - list at: (badly out of date) and also not up to date 9|26|02)

Many Internet Service Providers offer software suitable for beginners with no knowledge of html code, for building webpages. This software often includes a selection of templates. You may or may not find one to your liking.

There is also good "look ma, no html" software that will give you a considerable depth of options: Front Page, Claris Home Page, are two examples.

If you see a site whose layout you really like, you can copy the source code, then delete the content and plug in your own, change a color, etc. It is all quite easy.

Page Templates 101 - A Primer

HTML Image Alignment Tutorial  



Embellishing Your Template




A Selection of Website Templates

The following templates are ready to use, all in one page, yet attractive websites, with sidebar navigation to anchored sections all on one page. Feel free to substitute another banner, another background, change button colors, etc.

Template 1 - for NSS Chapters

Template 3 - for Mars Society Chapters

Template 4 - for Moon Society Chapters Updated 10|16|2006