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Creating a Storyboard about the
Artemis Moonbase Project

Photo of Completed Artemis Moonbase Exhibit
showing storyboard, diorama, and moonbase model
property of Moon Society Milwaukee Outpos

NEW (4|12|2004) Moon Society Flyer (pdf) - download and print in color or graytones


Date posted: November 1, 2002

Last revised: 03|08|07


All that you need:

  • A 24"x36" Artemis Project Poster [new link] is the anchor of this storyboard
    available for $9.95 (payable to "The Moon Society") from:
    The Moon Society Program Services
    PO Box 080395
    Milwaukee, WI 53208
  • A standard Presentation | Display Board - these come in 48"x36" sixe with a center 24"x36" panel and two 12"x36" wings that neatly fold together making a 1/2" x 24" x 36" package. These ready to use foam core units are available for $10-12 at Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc. Cheaper cardboard versions are available for a couple of dollars less - not worth the savings. [options]
  • Spray adhesive (application hints)
  • Printouts of pdf files (images & text) for the two wing panels (download from this page)
  • Desk jet color print paper, matte or gloss
  • Auxiliary material (brochures, flyers, 3-D diorama with model, Walkaround Tour diorama, postcard display)


left panel

about the moonbase

right panel

for-profit Moon missions

Themes of flank panel(s)

  • Left panel tells more about the Moonbase structure itself, about additional equipment, shielding, etc.
  • Right panel stresses the commercial aspect: how the Artemis Moonbase could earn money; and lists companies that are trying to earn a profit through near-term Moon missions.

left flank panel
About the Moonbase
right flank panel
for-profit Moon missions
Ready-to-print Arrangement
of images and text in 4 landscape pages
Ready-to-print Arrangement
of images and text in 4 landscape pages
sb_artemismoonbase_r.pdf [*]
or compose your own panel from
these Image suggestions

The Artemis Moonbase Project (Banner)

Double SpaceHab Module Photo

Logistics Double Model Interior Sketch

Single Module Graphic

Triple Module Graphic

SpaceHab Elements Graphic

Supporting Equipment [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Cross Section Deployed Base

Space Motorcycle Ascent Vehicle

or compose your own panel from
these Image suggestions

Moon Society Logo | (Local Outpost Name)

The Lunar Resources Company

For-Profit Moonbase services and activities

"Other For-Profit Companies interested in the Moon"

LunaCorp Logo | Moon Probe pics

Applied Space Resources Logo
Lunar Retriever Logo [illustrations]

TransOrbital Logo - TrailBlazer image

[*] on this file, at the top right of first page, there is a blank box for your Chapter/Outpost Name and/or logo - in place of the Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost Name on the original

Text is kept concise in the ready to print files, for quick scanning by the visitor to your exhibit. This also allows the use of larger, more readable font sizes. Fonts are a matter of choice, but a sans serif font is easier to read on a quick glance. The ready-to-print version uses Comic Sans 24.

Using Spray Adhesive - follow directions carefully.

Place each item to be sprayed, one at a time, on newspaper, being sure that the newspaper extends well to all sides of the item, so that you will not get overspray on carpet, floor, table, etc. After affixing this piece, start with a fresh bed of newspaper for the next item. Otherwise you will get adhesive on the good side of the next piece to be sprayed.

DO enlist the help of another person especially with holding up one end of the large Artemis poster while you lien up the other carefully on the poster board. This especially important if you are spraying both surfaces, allowing them to dry to "tacky" because if your lineup is bad, you may not be able to redo it.

For the image and text sheets on the flank panels. You can try taping the sheets together on the flip side so that you have one long piece to adhere to each panel. Again, ask for helping hand, if you are not sure you can line it up perfectly yourself. Do a trial run without adhesive first.

It is not hard. You just need to take care and exercise patience.




Optional Exhibit Board Substrate - foam core board: paper covered foam 1/2", 1/4", or 1/8" thick can be purchased from any art supply shop. You will need (2) 24x36 pieces or (1) 48x36 piece or larger piece from which to cut the panels you need.

A bifold design instead of a trifold one:

upper area

about the moonbase

lower area

for-profit Moon missions

If you choose A bifold design you can run the above two image/text sets in side by side columns or in 2x2 over 2x2 pattern as illustratedi n the bifold sketch below.

Hinging suggestions - if you are starting from scratch with 2 or 3 separate pieces of foam core.

Edging: (not recommended for ready-to-use trifold presentation boards) If you like, you can dress up your foam core panels by carefully wraping the cut edges in black or colored plastic tape or electrical tape. Or, you can get plastic panel edge caps from your home store or building supply store (take along a scrap piece of foam core to make sure they will friction fit snugly without force. Such caps are not available for 1/2 inch thick foam core.)

Accompanying Text Suggestions

If you are composing your own storyboard, check out the text on our original (pdf files above) and take it from there, expanding on the points touched upon, if you have more room.

Hinging Suggestions:

Score one large piece on the rear side along the lines you want it to fold. Bend carefully, and the intact paper on the side you select as the front will serve as "hinges."

If you prefer to cut into separate panels so that you have the Artemis Poster available for display separately, then you can fabricate hinges by using Velcro tape tabs fastened to the back at top and bottom. (Hint: apply the joining Velcro strip when panels are at the desired display angle, as shown.


Accompanying Printed Matter Suggestions - pdf files for the following are already online, so there is a lot to select from. Pick 2, 3, or 4 for the table. You can have a packet of others ready for those who express more than causal interest.

  • NEW (4|12|2004) Moon Society Flyer (pdf)
  • MoonPieChart.pdf - Use this color flile as a poster or transparency. The Moon may be "Pie in the Sky" but, oh, what a recipe! Just what we need to make metal alloys, glass, ceramics, concrete and other building materials. The grounds for economic and industrial self-reliance.
  • MoonPieChartBW.pdf - Use this B/W version of the above as a flyer. Best printed in grayscale. Has blank space in box for your chapter name and contact information.
  • MoonGlobeFlyer.pdf - This flyer, either in a vertical acrylic flyer holder (clear 8x10 photo holder) , or as take with flyer, is a good companion to a Moon Globe, if you have one for your information table.
  • MoonToStayPetition.pdf - This is a petition LRS (NSS-Milwaukee) has used in the past. Even if you don't turn the petitions in to anyone, the act of signing it helps reinforce a positive opinion in the mind of the signer, and you get his or her contact information as a fringe benefit.
  • MoonTreatyObjections.pdf - This was written by Prof. Glenn Harlan Reynolds (law) and helps educate the public on relevant legal questions
  • MoonHomesteadFlyerA.pdf - MoonHomesteadFlyerB.pdf - This pair of pdf files (one portrait, the other land-scape) forms a double-sided flyer. LRS produced this flyer to explain what the visitor was seeing when he or she looked at our table top moonbase homestead. But with the diagram on the one side, the explanation on the other, this two-sided flyer is informative in itself. Plus it gives the URL for a photo of the table top exhibit.
  • LunarDeclarationSFF.pdf - This is a document produced by the Space Frontier Foundation for the First Lunar Base Development Conference in Houston, 1999.
  • 15Q_LunarSettlement.pdf - This is a two sided flyer answering common questions about the idea of Settlements on the Moon.
  • 20Q_LunarResources.pdf - This is a two sided flyer answering common questions about Resources on the Moon
  • 12Q_LunarLavatubes.pdf - This is a two sided flyer answering common questions about Lavatubes on the Moon

Color files for use as posters or transparencies

  • SpaceMotorcycle.pdf - The is a minimial open-vacuum lunar ascent vehicle for two persons (in the Artemis Project ™ Refernce Mission) - Produced by the Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost. Artwork © by Vik Olliver- Color file meant to be used as a poster or as a transparency
  • RelativeSizesPoster.pdf - Relative Sizes: Earth, Moon, Mars - Color file meant to be used as a poster or as a transparency
  • SystemTradeRoutesTP.pdf - Inner Solar System Trade Routes based on the location of resources, gravity wells, and prospects for economic development - Color file meant to be used as a poster or as a transparency

You may also want to include one or more of the following:

  • a sign up sheet ("our mailing list" - do include a column for email addresses!)
  • a guest book (to catch those really interested)
  • business cards listing the Moon Society web address, and your Chapter/Outpost contact info.


Artemis Project Postcards

A set of nine color postcards, featuring the art of Vik Olliver, explain the stages of the Artemis Project Reference Mission. Order the set from Lunar Traders and create a display, using the cards and the explanatory text on their backsides.


Accompanying 3-D diorama

The idea of a 3-D diorama to sit at the base of the storyboard is simply to catch the eye of the passerby as no 2-dimensional display ever could, and then to direct it to the storyboard with all its information. To do this, the model of the Moonbase does not need to be executed in great detail.

As of this post (11|12|02) Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost has finished the prototype diorama, and the accompanying Moonbse model. Meanwhile, here is a sketch. An updated sketch of how the diorama board and display board fit together. The rationale for that arrangement is explained on the linked page just below this illustration.

A same scale Apollo Lunar Module shown in the white circle, for the purpose of size comparison. Diorama will be made from 3/4 " foam sheet (used for basement insulation), mounted on a plywood base, and textured to show craters, craterlet pitting, boulders, and a rocky outcrop on the left.

For step by step instructions to create the Moonscape diorama, see Making Moonscapes & Marscapes.

EZ-Make Artemis Moonbase Habitat Model (and "Space Motorcycle" Ascent Vehicle)

An alternative "Walkround Tour" Turntable Diorama:

  • An 18" diameter (minimum) turntable with 15 facets each 24 degrees wide.
  • Mounted vertically on each facet (on pieces of 3/16" foam core) is a picture 3.56"w x 2.67"h from the Artemis Moonbase "Walkaround Tour".
  • A diorama surface made from foam (see Making Moonscapes & Marscapes ) has the Moonbase Habitat Model in the middle.
  • As you turn the turntable, you see pictures which show other equipment surrounding the Moonbase in the proper orientation.

The numbers correspond to the jpegs tour01.jpg thru tour15.jpg

Inexpensive vinyl turntables are available in the Housewares sections of Discount Stores


Other 3-D items you can add (if you have them): a 6" or 12" Moon Globe and a Lunar Prospector Model