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Space Chapter Speakers & Guest Speakers

Chapter Leaders: If your chapter has a well-developed program either to offer your own speakers or to attract guest speakers, please submit details.

New - Tips on Public Speaking with/without Visual Aids

Ready-to-go Speech Outlines with Audiovisual Assists



Speech Topics with Talking Points



Working with Speakers Bureaus

  • Develop a repertoire of topics and talk outlines: offering a choice is important and may get you return engagements
  • Fees and gratuities: don't ask, but accept when offered
  • Travel and Time limitations - being realistic
  • Have a short referral list if you have a conflict and can't accept an opportunity
  • Advertising: stand up flyer for your information table: Speakers available. Contact Info.
  • List with libraries if they maintain such files


Finding Guest Speakers for your meeting

  • Sources: universities, industry, government, other groups, own members
  • Making first contact: broaching the question
  • Flexibility on timing
  • Maximizing your attendance
  • Assigning a guest liaison
  • Gestures of appreciation
  • Following through after the presentation
  • Is the speaker willing to talk on another topic at another time?


Lining up Speakers for a small conference or symposium

  • Whether to develop a theme, or keep it open
  • Letting speakers pick their topics, or requesting topics
  • Speaker services: speaker liaison
  • Audiovisual recording
  • Gestures of appreciation
  • Getting permission to print or play
  • Keeping Contact Information up to date - develop a speaker database to share


After Products

  • Turning your speech into an article
  • Expanding your talk for a conference presentation
  • having someone Videotape your speech
  • Making Improvements to your talk outline so you can do better at the next opportunity
  • Making Improvements to your audiovisual aids so you can do better at the next opportunity
  • Using questions from the audience to fine tune your presentation

Making Yourself Available to Other Space Chapters

  • Be realistic about travel limitations
  • Who pays for travel costs?
  • Getting a speaker in exchange

Tips on Public Speaking with/without Visual Aids

from Allen G. Taylor, Oregon L5 Society

Presentations where the presenter basically reads the slides are invitations to zoning out. Be a dynamic and energetic speaker who uses slides sparingly if at all. Slides are a crutch for people who are not confident about their public speaking skills. If you would like to improve your public speaking skills, there is no better way to do it than to join your local Toastmasters club.