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Space Chapter Slide Sets

Chapter Leaders: If your chapter has developed Slide Sets as an audiovisual aid for presentations on any aspect of space, please submit details.

You can also make slides and transparencies from art on the Image Libraries page

Uncle Bill's Guide to El Cheapo Computer-Generated Slides

Do-it Yourself 3-D slides of Pictures from Spirit & Opportunity

NOTE: Many PowerPoint Presentations have been saved also as pdf files for use in a slide show format. Visit the Powerpoint page and look for "pdf file version"

Slide Samples from SSI (Space Studies Institute)
39 great slides - External Tanks - Solar Power Satellites - Mass Drivers - Space Settlements (Islands I, II, III) - Lunar Mining - Lunar Outposts - Lunar Farms - Asteroids and more - most by renowned artists. These slides, many of them dating from the late 70s are classic and a great tool especially for National Space Society and Moon Society Chapters. Many of these slides come with links to explanatory material you can use to talk about the slide. If you use these slides, mention SSI and give a link.

Crewed Exploration Vehicle Speculative Configuration - an 1166x748 pixel jpegWhy on

Earth do we Spend Billions on Space? - Contributed by Jim Spellman in WinWord 97/2000

new -
Using Moon Rocks to Save the Earth by Dr. Peter J. Schubert, Packer Engineering, The Moon Society

Do-it-Yourself 3-D slides of Pictures from Spirit & Opportunity

from Ben Huset, Minnesota Space Frontier Society

If you would like to start making red/blue 3D stereo pair pics (anaglyphs) use this FREEWARE app, Z-Anaglyph, and feed it the pics from Mars.

On installation, Z-Anaglyph will default to French menus. However it is possible to set Z-Anaglyph with English menus using the Preferences screen. At present, the user's manual is only available in French. However Z-Anaglyph is very easy to use and Hints are available at every command.

If you look closely in the file MER file names you will find a L or a R near the end. I.e.) 1N128464690EFF0200P1516L0M1.JPG 1N128464690EFF0200P1516R0M1.JPG

Left or right, Duhh! match the rest of the file name feed it into the program and Presto.

Note: Not all pictures have a matching left/right pic downloaded from Mars yet.

Need some red blue glasses?? Here is one on-line store that's pretty cheap.They also sell Solar Eclipse and Diffraction Grating glasses too.You may also find red and blue lensed glasses in the toy store too. Just find red and blue ones that are similar and swap lenses.I found that the clear plastic tabs for notebook folders sold in office supply stores work great too.Make sure that the red looks black while looking thru the blue lens and the blue looks black looking thru the red lens for best effect.

Note: most anaglyphs are Left Eye red, although the above software allows you to make it Left eye blue if you wish.