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UPDATED 06/29/2000

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Taking in Membership Dues via the Internet


Would you like Visitors and Members to your Chapter Website be able to pay their Chapter Dues, Renewals, Newsletter Subscriptions etc. ONLINE?

Does your Chapter have merchandise or other fund-raising items that you would like Visitors to your Chapter Website to be able to order and pay for ONLINE?


  • your own merchant credit card account
  • your own Secure Server
  • both of these cost money!

What you need is a free account.

Here is how it works:

1. The Chapter Treasurer goes to the website, clicks on "Receive Payments", and logs on with a username and password and email address

2. You put the paypallogo.gif above on the appropriate page of your Chapter website with an active link to

3. You list your (Treasurer's) email address

4. You instruct Visitors and Members wishing to pay dues or subscriptions or purchase fundraising merchandise online, to go to the website, click on "Make Payments", and log on with their own username, password, and email addresss.

  • The Payor then clicks on "Email Money" tab
  • The Payor then enters the recipient's (Treasurer's) email address and the amount he or she wishes to send.
  • The Payor then separately emails the Treausurer with the "memo line" - "Sending you $X for _____."
  • You (Treasurer) get a "You've Got Cash!" email notification and collect the payment money to the chapter at by arrangements made when establishing your account
  • 1-2-3! and we all know how much more likely we are to get signups, if the prospective member or subscriber or customer can do it "on the spot"! If he or she can't do so, i.e. if he or she has to sit down, write out a check and put it in an envelope, the chances are very great that the intention to do so will be forgotten, and never materialize. could greatly increase the flow of new memberships from visitors to your chapter website.

Just How "Free" is this Service?

  • There is no cost to the Payor
  • The recipient (you, the Chapter Treasurer) incur a 1.9% deduction (e.g. 19 ¢ on each $10) on each transaction.
    • You could add this into the upfront "online price" - after all, you are saving them the cost of an envelope and postage stamp, which would in many cases be more.
    • But the write off would be minimal, especially in view of payments you would not have received without being able to offer this service.

Coming Soon?

  • Direct payments via your Chapter Website
  • Direct payments via MasterCard and Visa
  • Stay tuned to the website for further information. Click on the learn more prompt, here, or after the "Business Accounts" paragraph.

NOTE: Your webmaster has no personal interest in anyone's or any Chapter's use of this service as an alternative to checks and money orders via the mail.

This information is simply that, information that we think may help your chapter do a better job in:

  • getting new members and / or subscribers -> $$
  • improving your renewal rate -> $$
  • fund-raising -> $$
  • and thus be able to do more projects and be more effective.

Of Course, first you have to have a Chapter Website, and free, reasonably unlimited webspace courtesy of CyberTeams, Inc. on one of thee following servers, or on or on chapters.asi.orgpre-equipped with WebSite Director Lite site maintenance software makes realizing that goal so much easier.

  • &emdash; National Space Society Chapters
  • &emdash; N
  • &emdash; N

Chapter websites on these servers have URL addresses of the form:

  • "name" &emdash; keep it short - one word, two at the most, separated by a hyphen or underscore)
  • To get your account, email Randal Severy with the following:
    • Name of the server (from list above) on which you wish to move or build your Chapter Website
    • Your Name
    • Username &emdash; your preference
    • Password &emdash; your preference
    • "name" of chapter
    • Full name of chapter