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UPDATED 5|25|2004 

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NSS Chapter Annual Report Tutorials


One of the chores many chapters find it most difficult to do, is to file their annual report to NSS Headquarters, correctly, and on time. This page is dedicated to making this task simpler, easier, and much less threatening.

The most important part is preparation - which includes accurate record keeping throughout the year.

  • The Treasurer should log all income and expenditures and accurately note what they are from or for. The Treasurer should prepare the Financial part of the Annual Report
  • The Secretary should keep a good log of chapter meeting agendas, outreach events, projects, and other activities. The Secretary should prepare the Activities part of the Annual Report. You can easily maintain a running Activites Report for the year by copying to it salient parts of the meeting minutes (if minutes are kept) or of monthly newsletter reports (if you have a newsletter). Items included in a Chapter Scrapbook may provide supporting documentation.
  • And of course, these records and copies of Annual Reports already filed, should be kept and passed on in good condition to any successor Treasurer, and / or Secretary, as the case may be
  • This advice comes from Gail Leatherwood of NSS 5/24/04
    • "We need to be clear that there is a difference between chapter "activities" and chapter "projects." I've tried to develop a workable (meaning "not cumbersome and bureaucratic") definition, but don't know if it's been accepted and disseminated. A project has specific goals, objectives, timetables, and metrics; an activity is the ongoing business of the chapter. Chapters can report their activities ("held x meetings this year, had speakers, took field trips, talked to schools, etc., etc., etc., including the annual holiday party.") separately from their project reporting. This may seem to some like hair splitting, but I think the distinction is necessary."


These Updated Tutorials were prepared by Ronnie Lajoie of HAL5, Huntsville, Alabama L5 Society.

Ronnie was President of the NSS Chapters Assembly for two 2-year terms, from 1995-1999. We can all thank him for this contribution! Please contact Ronnie if you have any questions about these tutorials.

N0TE: These tutorials were prepared to cover even the most complex cases - for chapters with especially ambitious projects like HAL5's "rockoon" launching activities, or LRS' publishing venture (Moon Miners' Manifesto serves 8 clients currently with 700 copies a month) that involve substantial cash-flows throughout the year.

Your chapter's situation may be much simpler, and the details and structure of your report should reflect that.

Simply use those tutorials that apply to your chapter's situation. And if you prepare throughout the year as suggested above, it won't be a big deal!

NEW - This NSS Web Page has three downloadable tutorials