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Space Chapter Projects - Continued

At-Large Chapters (below)

Joint Ventures

Ambitious Project Ideas

Projects for "At Large" (non local) Space Chapters

There are projects that by nature need to be tackled on a non-local basis. Forming an At-Large chapter or Task Force is something now allowed in all three Space Organizations with Chapters.

In NSS there are At Large Chapters dealing with Space Nursing, Space Education, Molecular Manufacturing, and Space Governance. In the Mars Society, there are a number of At Large Task Forces dealing with special projects.

Here are some additional At Large Tasks to which an At Large Chapter or Task force could be dedicated.

  • A Writers Chapter, dedicated to penetrating as many writers markets as possible with informative articles about space, realized achievements and future possibilities. Articles would need to be carefully tailored to the magazine or publication targeted and to specific readerships. The chapter could work together to:
    • identify potential markets and
    • brainstorm the most promising approaches and angles
    • build on successful penetration with approaches to similar publications
    • build up a bibliography of space topic articles in the popular press
  • A Space Artists Chapter
  • A Space Architecture Chapter
  • A Chemical Engineering Chapter
  • A Space Mining Chapter
  • A Space Sports Chapter
  • A Space Agriculture Chapter
  • A Surface Transportation Chapter
  • The possibilities are endless - at large chapters can be organized by profession or by multi-disciplinary projects
  • do suggest some more





Joint Ventures

Experience has shown that it is difficult, if not impossible for geographically scattered individuals to undertake physical engineering and technology projects. There almost needs to be a number of separate tightly localized critical mass nuclei to work on various subassemblies or systems, and there needs to be careful systems integration. With limited resources, this is a hard nut to crack.

But many other kinds of projects, for example, preparation of educational and outreach materials, are quite easy to do on a dispersed basis given the Internet and email, and other kinds of electronic intercommunication. The Space Chapter Hub hopes to be able to put into mutual contact, chapters with similar interests, so that they can undertake together projects that would severely strain the talents, manpower, and other resources of any one chapter. Putting on a Regional or Special Focus Conference is another area in which a Joint Venture might be successful.

We also hope to build up a CLASSIFIEDS SECTION listing (a) expertise and assistance wanted, and (b) expertise and assistance available. This too, we hope, will help spawn joint ventures and other less formal cooperation.




Ambitious Project Ideas

Neat Ideas that will take some doing

Multilane teleoperated 3-second time-delay race track
(Myles A. Mullikin, Lunar Reclamation Society, 1987-8)
Especially suitable for NSS and Moon Society Chapters
  • Build on a table top (36x80 hollow core door, or on a larger 4'x8' plywood base) - smaller means lighter and more easily transportable (you'll be glad you went this route!)
  • The idea is to let players (2 or 3 at a time) experience what it is like for Earth-based ground controllers teleoperating vehicles on the Moon which is roughly 1.5 light seconds away from Earth (double that for the round trip communications lag)
  • Each lane would have identical curves and hills and hazards to let each player "race" on an equal footing.
  • It will take each player a number of attempts to get the hang of it. In general, younger people will learn more quickly, patient people will do better than impulsive ones.
  • Could be a lot of fun and draw a big crowd. This apparatus would be able to generate its own traffic, and it would be worth advertising an event.
  • It would give the impression that we are getting ready for full-scale robotic operations on the Moon
  • This setup (without parallel "race" lanes) has been demonstrated at least a decade ago by Space Studies Institute members using reprogrammed Radio Shack radio-operated cars.

Space Motorcycle mockup with photo ops printable on site
especially suitable for Moon Society Chapters

  • This concept for a minimal 2 person lunar ascent vehicle [illustration] is a product of the Artemis Project™ to further a first Commercial Moonbase. [pdf file of a transparency on this topic]
  • The idea is to build a mockup with a pair of couches, astronaut space suit covers with helmet cutouts for posing persons to stick their head thru to be photographed
  • With today's laptops and digital photography, it should be possible to print a framable color laser print photo on the spot, for say $10? (covers one photo, two persons, two prints)
  • First you have to build the mockup. Using the illustrations as a guide, the challenge will be to design something that is easy to build, not too heavy to transport, not to difficult to store, and not to expensive to produce. You could then sell or license the plans to help defray initial costs.

Artemis MoonbaseMockup - The current Artemis Project™ Reference Mission calls for an initial commercial moonbase that consists of three [artist rendering by Vik Olliver] ganged doublewide SpaceHab modules - more volume for less money than a Space Station module, and still able to ride in one Space Shuttle payload bay

Three sizes - Three Challenges

  • table top scale model - large enough to give visitors the idea.
    • Choose a scale that is the same as an available Lunar Excursion Model (Kit) so visitors can compare on size and volume and see how big an upgrade this is from the Apollo experience.
    • Design the model so that it is not a one time production, but rather to be easily replicated by other chapters
  • A half scale or 2/3 scale trailerable mockup that could make the rounds: conventions, planetariums, science museums, spreading the message. It would not have to be full scale (that would be hard to get under standard bridge heights, and require wide load escorts) but should have a dummy occupant to scale, and either cutaway or openable so that the visitor can see the layout and peer inside.
  • A walk through full size mockup at a semi-permanent location (it could still be disassembled and re-errected elsewhere) and serve as center for simulation exercises, and in the off season, be open to tourists.
  • Lead-up Challenges: to date there has been no brainstorming of the interior layout, or even of the equipment consist for this Moonbase design. It would be a good Moon Society Chapter project (or joint multi-chapter project) to take the lead in organizing a design competition to produce a workable layout, once a list of needed equipment and facilities was produced.


Moon Music CD - The Moon (more so as that shining globe in the night sky than as a pioneer destination) has been a repeated theme in music through the decades. A collection of well-known "Moon" songs and pieces, either of the original artist versions, or of an all instrumental renderings, or both should prove a good seller for a wide cross section of the public. Who doesn't enjoy the Moon?

Here are just a few that come to mind: Moonlight Bay - Claire de Lune - Harvest Moon - Moon River - Between the Moon & New York City (Arthur's Theme) - Everyone's Gone to the Moon - there must be several dozen more.


Collect & Publish a Collection of Space Humor & Cartoons - we space enthusiasts and fellow travelers love humor as much as anyone.


Some Ambitious Chapter Projects of the Past


Send us your idea for an ambitious chapter project!