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UPDATED 10|19|2010  new source of wallpaper murals

Space Chapter Merchandise

Your Parent Organization may or may not allow you to charge membership dues - whether that is the case or not, there may be things your chapter wants to do, equipment and exhibit materials it wants to buy, projects it wants to undertake, for which available member dues may not be sufficient. This page is about merchandise development options.


Chapter Leaders: If your chapter has developed or acquired products for sale, or held successful fundraising events, please submit details.


Bumper-Luggage Stickers



Models & Kits


Murals updated 9/20/2009


Miscellaneous Items

Buttons (separate page)


Online Stores

mural info needs updating (repeat on exhibits page etc.)



SUBJECTS: Astronomy, Planetary science, Space exploration histories, Grand Visions, Space Art Books, Rocketry, Hard (and hard to find) Science Fiction (plausible near term inner solar system stories about the Moon, Mars, Asteroids, Space Stations, Space Settlements) - remember, you don't just want to make money, you want to give your customers good reads that will cultivate their appreciation of the Space Frontier.

SOURCES: check the Online Stores section below, but also discounters like Half Price Books [category: astronomy] [category: astrophysics and space science] Also University bookstores, government bookstores, etc.

USED BOOKS: Your chapter could make a habit of grabbing up used and old books on the topics above as opportunity allows, and run a periodic book selling event at a place and time where traffic should be good. Thrift shops and Estate Sales will sometimes have "finds."



Calendars - space theme calendars can be a good fall sales item IF you can buy them at a discount in quantity. Our listing of some of the calendars available at retail below is not necessarily an indication that they can be purchased wholesale. You can sell even out of date calendars, just for the artwork, but you might have to sell them at a loss.

Earth calendars with Moon Phases day by day, eclipse schedules, etc.

Mars calendars

Moon calendars

Space Exploration Calendars

Astronomy Calendars



Wallpaper Murals - Nothing else can create just that atmosphere in a den, library, study, or rec room, or even in a bedroom!

Environmental Graphics, Inc. used to produce three space theme murals (listed below) and they were available as special order items at Menards homecenters (midwest states) for about $70. Now they are hard to find and much more expensive, as they are produced not on paper but on removable vinyl sheets. Magic Murals is another Company in the business 

Shopping for Space Murals - Google Image Search "Space Murals"

You will find all sorts of murals through Google Image Search, but the problem is finding something affordable. 

Earth Moon space mural, 12'9" x 8'10", comes with paste and in 8 panels, sale $110

83 Space Murals - For a full siz mural, you are looking at about $600!

Making Money on Murals: IF you can get murals at an unusually low price, it may be possible to make a profit just by reselling them at a modest markup. A better bet is to sell them with installation. Many a customer would like to have one, but is shy about putting it up him/herself. Your chapter profit is what you make for installation. Caution: quote a price that does not include wall repairs or preparation (removing old paper, repairing cracks, priming, etc.) and put that restriction in writing to avoid any misunderstandings. Followup

A Mural For Your Chapter: Mural Display Backdrops for your information table or meeting place. Check out lean-to and zigzag

Door Murals - if you don't have enough free wall space for a wall mural, but you do have flat hollow core doors, you can get special door murals (33"x86" trim to fit) and some of them really pop. But we haven't uncovered any with a space theme. If you come across any, be sure to let us know.

Start a Wall & Door Mural Making Enterprise: There don't seem to be any space theme murals other than the three from Environmental Graphics listed above. Yet the number of promising space mural subjects seems unlimited - future moonbases, canyons of Mars, shuttle launch at night ..... There are plenty of stunning photos (many public domain) to use, and plenty of stunning art. We really need an entrepreneur to take this business opportunity to heart, find a cheaper way of producing them, and make money spreading the gospel of space!

Space Wallpaper Borders - as of 10|08|2002, EBay was selling one (15 ft roll) for $8.99 with 24 available

Space | Planet Wallies Wallies - Mural-13420-Space (Planets)Each set contains: (9) Planets 6" diameter to 25" x 11" Mural $16.50 per Set + $4.50 Priority Shipping (via PayPal) These are individual pre-pasted, vinyl-coated wallpaper cutouts. Just wet the back of the Wallies with a wet sponge stick them to the wall with an arrangement of your choice. [Boys room - appropriate]

Presto Chango adds no removable Space Wall Sticker Mural for children 

7/28/05 Hello, I was reading your Space Chapter Hub Merchandise Page,

I Own and operate a web base business designing , and manufacturing wall sticker mural sets, and magnetic vinyl sheets that provide interactive murals for children.(note the magnetic murals are still in the design stage and not offered at this time.

Your article addressed the need to educate as well as to inspire young minds to the excitement of space. One of the ways was to find space mural, calander and such. This inspired me and my wife Tracy to design an Outer Space wall sticker set, and we just wanted to introduce ourselves. If you have any further idea's of future products we could design to help educate and inspire our youth please contact us anytime.

Steve and Tracy Jones
Presto Chango Decor Inc.
727 515 4282


Bumper | Luggage | Window Stickers - note that bumper stickers are in disfavor now that cars no longer have chrome bumpers. On the other hand, the need to distinguish your luggage from someone else's has never been greater. For Luggage Stickers you have free hand as to size and shape.

Production Economies

Sticker Ideas

Ready to go Bumper Stickers





Models & Kits

Model and Diorama kits - Modular space station and outpost kits

Exhibit replication instructions

Enterprise Opportunity: we could really use a space station and Mars/Moon outpost line with a number of interchangeable models (purchaser gets to play architect) None of the established toy makers and model makers seem to be interested.





Shirts - T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Blazers, Denim shirts

Caps - baseball, beret, skipper, other - (the easiest thing is a plain cap bought at quantity discount to sell with a button of the customers choice out of those you have for sale)

Patches (embroidered) - Missions - Agencies - Societies. Embroidered patches are a poor bet unless ordered in quantity (250, 500 or more)

Jewelry - pins, tie clasps, earrings, belt buckles, etc.

Book Bags - one could make custom book bags by getting plain ones at discount and applying iron on transfers (see at Shirts, above)

Ready to wear SOURCES: see the Online Stores section below, but don't be afraid to originate items of your own design! Or just type what you want in and you may just find it.




Suncatchers - you don't have to be a stained glass craftsman anymore!

These days there are easier do-it-yourself friendly ways to make suncatchers than to take up the stained glass trade. Craft stores have supplies that let you design your suncatchers with liquid, then bake them in the oven. Another option uses a pane of glass, peel and stick "leading" strips, and glass paint.

What you do need is a simple "cartoon" style design. If you can come up with such a design - for planets, rockets, astronauts, or other space theme figures - and have simple patience and the ability to follow directions, you may just find yourself in business.

The stress is on you as a designer, rather than on you as a craftsman.


Flags - Earth flags - Moon Flags - Mars Flags - Europa Flags Solar System Flags

There are no "official flags" for any celestial bodies, though the Mars Society had adopted (by a decision from the top) its Mars flag. There are quite a few designs floating around out there, and no one has closed the door on new submissions. Pick a design already proposed, or create a new one. People want the symbolism, and understand that no flag can be official until adopted by the government (if and when one is established) of the place in question.

It costs quite a bit to "have flags made" and as a fundraiser, its a bad idea because the only way you can sell them at a profit is to buy more than you can sell.

Use iron on transfer technology to make your own. [good source of inkjet transfer paper] - use a fabric that does not stretch or shrink very much. You may have some sewing to do. Sizing them to fit the width of white hankerchiefs, will cut down your sewing burden to one edge, but leaves you with a white border.

Flags are traditionally simple: the simpler the design, the easier to sew - but nowadays many are using photographic images and printing methods, thus a trend to more complexity. But the advantages of simplicity remain - school kids can color them - and they work on symbolism, which is important.

Some ready to go designs:

Earth - (the United Nations flag is the flag of the United Nations, not of Earth itself.) - two colors yet complex

Moon - one could make a Black Flag with superimposed Full Moon photo in the middle - below are existing designs

Mars - one could make a simple Black Flag with Mars Photo in the middle - below are existing designs by others

Europa? Venus? Other worlds - no known designs

Sun | Solar System - no known designs


Fundraisers - fundraising is hard work and can burn out people in a hurry. Proceed with caution! Some members will not care to be out hustling. This is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, and no member should be faulted for declining to participate!

Food products - pizzas, candy, other specialties - such fundraisers are a lot of work. In 1996, the Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS-Milwaukee) raised $1400 selling pizzas, mostly to fellow employees and neighbors.

Ticket sales - acting as an agent

Coupon books -

Tour arranging - group tours

Buy a brick campaigns -

Raffles - be careful to follow state and local laws that may apply

Car washes -

Fundraising Yellow Pages





CERTIFICATES: Brainstorm some certificate idea: Lunar pioneer training workshop, Mars Crew training completion, ISS Crew training, etc. and either have certificates ready for you chapter calligrapher, or ready to spit out on your laptops printer after inserting the name in a calligraphy font (if they do it, any misspelling is their problem). Charge a "donation" fee to "further the work of" your chapter. If you can work in a framing coupon for some framing or frame-it-yourself outlet, that would be great.

GLOBES: Twelve inch globes of the Moon were once available for about $30. Twelve inch globes of Mars, and Venus are available but overpriced and, as every seller quotes the same price - $99.95 - there is clear evidence of price fixing. Stay away from these items unles you can find a wholeseller.

AUCTIONS OF DONATED ITEMS: In Milwaukee, some years ago, a local science fiction club asked its members to donate items they were willing to part with for an auction (among the members) and raised about $500. This works if you have enough people (a hundred or more?) So you might want to do this only on a cooperative basis with other groups for a prorated share of the take. But if you can get business and industry to donate items, that could be all good.

CONFERENCE HOSTING: If this is a purely local event, any profits are yours to keep. But earning a profit is easier said than done. If you are an NSS chapter and bid successfully to host an International Space Development Conference, NSS takes any loss, but you get to keep 25% of any profits (was 50%, so it is now much less rewarding than formerly.) ISDCs that made good money: 1989 Chicago, 1991 San Antonio, 1993 Huntsville, 1998 Milwaukee, 1999 Houston. All too often, many of the individuals end up burned out, and some host chapters have gone under altogether. Many of the new members you attract during run up to the conference leave in the anticlimax. So this is a risky business proposition.

FOLLOWUP: If possible give receipts from a book that has stubs or duplicates. Those names and addresses may be worth something to you later.



Online Stores for products you might be able to get at discount for quantity

Sky & Telescope Store

Astronomy Magazine

Lunar Traders Catalog (Moon Society)

National Space Society Space Place Store

Mars Society

Planetary Society Store at Space Media

Space Studies Institute Products

Space Frontier Foundation Products

Showroom | Challenger Center Online

Also try observatories and planetariums, NASA Centers, NASA Resource Centers, etc.