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Welcome to The Space Chapter Hub
The Space Chapter HUB is a Clearing House of Information for Local Chapters, of whatever affiliation, involved in public space outreach.
Agendas and priorities may differ. But we all face the same set of challenges and have the same set of methods and tools available to us.
Our Mission is to make easier the tasks facing us all through a common watering hole where we can all trade know how and techniques.
National Space Society
NSS Share Initiative
Mars Society
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Moon Society
Other & Independent
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Downloadable Flyers
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Move, Create a Free Site
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Meetings & Agendas
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Transparency sets
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Website Templates
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Slide Sets
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Project Menus Unlimited
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PowerPoint Presentations
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Web Page Backgrounds
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Events Calendar
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Display Blueprints
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Image Libraries
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Publicity / Media Contacts
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Models & Exhibits
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Animated Images
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Political Contacts
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Chapter Produced Videos
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CGI, Forms
Educational Contacts
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Music & Arts U.C.
Web Sales
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Annual Report Tutorials
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Speakers Bureau
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Website Assistance
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Growing Your Chapter
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Space Conferences
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Other Web Resources
Other Chapter Activities
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Science Fiction "Cons"
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Chapter Scrapbooks
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NSS Space Place Store
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Mars Society Store
Moon Society Store at CafePress
Assistance Needed
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Assistance Available
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We are working hard to fill this site with resources to help your chapter thrive. Some of the above pages, marked U.C., are just empty shells. We need you to help fill them with your chapter products so that others can replicate what you have done. Whatever your chapter has produced that you would like to share or make available to other space chapters is what we are looking for. If we pool our resources, expertise, products, etc. we will all be able to do a better job pushing the opening of the Space Frontier.

Please do contact us to tell us about what you might be able to make available and share

Also, if you see we have inadvertently left out a useful category in the table above, please call that to our attention.

Make this your site &emdash; a tool to nourish your own chapter's productivity!

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