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This page updated 10|23|2002

On this page you will find two ways to provide information to your exhibit visitor.

Print out these tell-all LABELS
for your new set of
Earth, Mars, Moon Gravity Jugs

  • Best on gloss paper
  • On Peel and Stck paper if you can find it -- otherwise affix with spray adhesive
  • Suggestion: orient the label so that the highlighted planet is below the handle, as that is the way you will have the jugs lined up for visitors to lift.


Earth Gravity Jug Earth below the handle, Mars & Moon to the right


Mars Gravity Jug Mars below the handle, Earth to the left & Moon to the right


Moon Gravity Jug Moon below the handle, Mars & Earth to the left

NOTE: You can print all three labels on one sheet from this page. Be careful to select page 1 only, or you may be printing a second page, blank except for header and footer.


(2) Print these LABELS for your Gravity Jugs - and a companion explanatory flyer

These simpler labels, combined with painting the jugs key colors, and having an explanatory flyer in an acrylic stand up flyer holder may do a better job of attracting the attention of passersby

  • Simple Jug Painting Color suggestions
    (mask off area where label will be affixed, on handle side)
    • Earth Blue (use spray primer first)
    • Mars Rust Spray Primer
    • Moon Gray Spray Primer
  • More Elaborate Jug Painting suggestions
    (mask off area where label will be affixed, on handle side)
    • Earth (a) - banded key colors
      • white band top & bottom (poles)
      • blue bands next (oceans)
      • green bands next (forests)
      • Tan band central (deserts)
    • Earth (b) - blue, white, green, tan in random camouflage pattern
    • Mars, rust primer with tan fleck / granite spray paint finish
    • Mars, gray primer with gray fleck / granite spray paint finish
  • Flyer


Earth Jug Label


Mars Jug Label


Moon Jug Label


Accompanying Flyer gifs and text - for you to format


Title Graphic (or you format)


Pick up any two jugs at a time [large bold type]
to feel the difference in gravity between Earth, Mars, and the Moon!

Info Graphic


Earth [bold], with a diameter of 7,918 miles, is the largest world in the Inner Solar System, more massive than Venus, Mars, and the Moon rolled into one. It has the highest gravity, set at 1 or 100% for comparison sake.

Mars [bold] has a diameter of 4,215 miles, slightly more than half that of Earth, but it only 1/10 th of its mass. It has a total land area equal to that of all Earth's seven continents together (minus the oceans) and its gravity level is 3/8 ths Earth Standard or 38% in comparison.

The Moon [bold] has a diameter of 2,160 miles, a bit larger than 1/4 th that of Earth, but has only 1/80 th of Earth's mass. It has a total land area equal to that of the USA, Canada, and South America combined (imagine the side facing Earth as equivalent to Canada and USA, the farside we never see from here as equivalent to South America.) The Moon's gravity level is 1/6 th Earth Standard or 17 % in comparison


  • Your chapter name (even if a chapter not yet "real" and contact information (email, phone, web page if you have one)
  • Your national Space Society affiliate's name and web address

Suggested Additional display items

  • Business cards with chapter contact information, national affiliation. You can do these on your computer in 2 columns, 5 rows ("10-up" at 2" x 3.5") and print them on card stock, and slice them yourself (or on perforated card stock just for this purpose if you can find it). This will cost you pennies, and does not commit you to a final format! Slightly less than professional is much better than nothing at all and most people will not care.
  • Brochure(s) and information flyers (about your national organization, about the Moon and/or Mars, about other space topics i.e. ISS, asteroid impact defense, space missions, etc.)
  • Other displays, models (anything vertical or 3D to catch the eye is great)
  • Posters (one in a frame, set vertically is great)
  • Chapter Nameplate - should be prominent and vertical (folded card stock, paper in flyer holder, engraved plastic eventually) - you want visitors to connect your display with who you represent!
  • Sign up sheet for those who want to be contacted about future activities, or who want you to send them more detailed information about topics of interest to them. Do follow through!
  • Tip: Plan your total display setup as a package so that it is easy to pack and transport by car or public transportation if need be. The easier it is for you to take it somewhere, set up, tear down, and bring back home, and store the more often you will be inclined to do so. For example, you might plan everything to fit in one 10-ream paper carton - easy to store, takes little room in a car, fits on a wheeled luggage carrier for taking on the bus.



Peter Kokh -

Uploaded September 20, 2002

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