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Science Fiction Conventions or "Cons"

Chapter Participation

  • Information Tables
    • Information Flyers
    • Pamphlets
    • Vertical Items
    • Eye-catching 3-D items
      • Stand up displays
      • Models, dioramas, etc.
    • Audio-Visuals
  • Programming Contributions
    • Talks
    • Panel Discussions
    • Debates
    • Workshops
    • Audio-Visuals
  • Other Activities
    • Room Parties
    • Star parties
    • Charity auction donations
    • Awards - e.g. for best "frontier fiction" short story or art
  • Con-Com Duty - paying your dues, speaking for tasks perhaps unrelated but which might serve chapter purposes
    • Con Advertising and Promotions
    • Getting Sponsors for awards and prizes
    • Setting up School essay, fiction, and art competitions
    • Learning how to do Operations
    • Running the Dealers Room or Art Show
  • Team up with another Chapter to do a local or regional "Con"
  • Do a "con" in a neighboring city without a chapter and use it as a venue to call a chapter organizing meeting of area Society members

Make_It_So.pdf - Here is a flyer that is esecially appropriate for your info table at a Science fiction Convention - download file from the pdf directory



Chapters who regularly "do cons" - where to go for advice