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The National Space Society Chapters Handbook (pdf) (2002)

From Ronnie Lajoie, member NSS Chapter Resources Committee, June 19, 2002

The NSS Chapters Handbook has been added to the Chapter Resource Library section of the NSS Chapters' Assembly Web site. Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of the entire document or just sections can be downloaded from this specific location:

Note, Chapters' Assembly Web site:

This is part of our effort to improve chapter information sharing. Other Web resources are in the process of being added, including an online chapter database (more details soon).

Please send questions, comments, and concerns to:

The Handbook is an electronic version from 1998 that was recreated from a paper copy that dates back even earlier, thanks to the coordination and editing efforts of Chris Pancratz, now Chair of the NSS Executive Committee. The electronic version was mailed to all chapters back in 1998, but many chapters have lost track of their diskette, and chapters created since 1998 never received a copy. The PDF versions, thanks to members (now Directors) Michael Gilbrook and Ronnie Lajoie, have been created for easier downloading from a central online location.

Some of the information in the Handbook is now out-of-date, for which I apologize (on behalf of the NSS leadership) in advance. Volunteers are sought to find and correct erronous and obsolete information, and bring sentences, paragraphs, and even whole sections back up-to-date.

The original Microsoft Word version is also available on the Web site and can be downloaded for the purposes of editing.

Please email all suggested modifications to: (until a volunteer editor/coordinator comes forward -- hopefully soon, hint, hint!).

The entire NSS Chpters Handbook is available as an MS Word document (653-KB) (239-KB zipped file) .

Individual Sections are available separately as PDF files [individual links below]


  • What is the National Space Society?
  • What is a National Space Society Chapter?
  • A Look at the Chapter Rules
  • Starting the Chapter
  • First Public Meeting
  • What To Do
  • Campus Membership


  • Introduction
  • First Steps
  • Setting Goals
  • Tools
  • Meetings
  • Volunteer Development


  • Newsletters
  • Writing Effectively
  • Other Communications
  • Telephone
  • E-mail & the internet

Section 4 - PROJECTS

  • Community Space Survey
  • Booths
  • Exhibits
  • Library Exhibits
  • Obtaining Display Materials
  • Constructing Exhibits
  • Models
  • Speakers
  • Slide Program
  • Slide Programs
  • Video
  • Youth Organizations
  • Science Fairs
  • Special Events
  • Chapter Library
  • Special-interest Subgroups
  • Technical Projects
  • The Arts

Section 5 - EDUCATION

  • Classes
  • Preschool and Early Elementary
  • Elementary Space Education
  • High School
  • Teaching Space With History
  • Adult Education


  • How to Deal with the Media
  • Strategy
  • Is It News?
  • Public Service Announcements
  • News Releases
  • Interviews
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Community Involvement
  • Handling the Big Event
  • Publicity on the Job
  • Bootstrapping Public Relations
  • Misrepresentation
  • Practical Publicity


  • Basic philosophy
  • Financial records
  • Tax exemption
  • Fiscal year
  • Chapter assets
  • Sources of revenue
  • Donations
  • Companies
  • Individuals
  • How to ask
  • Other fund-raisers
  • Sales
  • Grants
  • Bank charges


  • Why
  • Not Just in the USA!
  • Bootstrapping the Phone Tree
  • How the Phone Tree is Set Up and Should Work
  • Sending Messages
  • Spacecause


  • NSS History
  • Why Space?
  • Volunteers
  • Regional Activity
  • NSS Conferences
  • Inside NSS
  • Regional Events
  • Projects
  • Working with Headquarters


  • Introduction
  • Goals
  • The Chapter/Community Relationship
  • Keeping Your Chapter Active
  • Chapter Development
  • Activating and keeping members
  • Morale
  • Machiavelli and the Art of Chapter Building
  • Awards
  • Old Leadership
  • Saying Good-bye
  • Student Chapters
  • Tactics For Dealing With Crazies
  • Help!
  • Are You Having Fun?

• The Mars Society has College & High School Chapter Start-up-kits that might be useful to NSS members wishing to start similar chapters



The National Space Society Chapters Handbook (doc) (2004)

Contributed by Jim Spellman - Here are the Cover, Forward, and Sections 1-4 of the 5th Edition of the NSS Chapters Handbook in WinWord 97/2000 format - for those of you on Macs withhout translaters, you can download icWord 2.2 for free from




The Mars Society Chapters Handbook

Chapter Startup Kits

College Chapters

Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Plain Text (.txt)

WinWord's attempt at HTML (.html)

High School Chapters

Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Plain Text (.txt)

WinWord's attempt at HTML (.html)

The National Space Society Chapters Handbook
Includes information useful to Mars Society Chapters




The Moon Society Chapters Handbook

Some preliminary work was done on a chapters handbook prior to July 2000 by the Artemis Society International, the predecessor to the Moon Society for membership services.

Peter Kokh, Moon Society Milwaukee, has volunteered to edit an online chapters handbook based partly on this prior work and upon the National Space Society's version (pdf file)

If you are interested in helping make any appropriate additions, deletions, adaptations, etc. to the above documents and are willing to speak for a piece of the job, please contact him.

The final product can be produced as a webpage, as a pdf file [both on the Moon Society website], and on request, as a printout of the pdf file.

The National Space Society Chapters Handbook
Includes information useful to Moon Society Chapters

• The Mars Society has College & High School Chapter Start-up-kits that might be useful to Moon Society members wishing to start similar chapters