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Making & Selling Space Theme Buttons

Merchandise Page

BUTTONS - Button making equipment and supplies can be relatively inexpensive. Make buttons for pennies, sell for a dollar or more.

Earth Photo Buttons - some caption ideas

  • Time to leave the cradle
  • It's weaning time
  • Womb world
  • We live on an Island, Let's fish in the Sea!
  • Mother Earth - Father Space
  • Keeping People Earthbound, keeps Life Earthbound
  • Not to Forget Father Sky
  • Just the Beginning
  • It's a Good Start
  • Gaia can spread - only where we take her
  • And now for the rest of the story
  • Chapter One: Earth

Moon Photo Buttons - some caption ideas

  • The Eighth Continent
  • Solutions for Earth's Problems
  • Not just for causing tides anymore
  • A place for fresh beginnings
  • Clean energy for a greener Earth
  • Let's honeymoon on the Moon, Honey!
  • Going to the Moon to see Earth
  • Chapter Two: The Moon
  • Future Lunans Unite! 

Mars Photo Buttons - some caption ideas

  • The Next Human Frontier
  • We are the Martians
  • Our Next Homeworld
  • Red for now, green and blue later
  • Frontiers are rough but fulfilling

Shuttle Photo Buttons - some caption ideas

  • Happiness is Earth in my Rear View Mirror 
  • My Other Car 
  • To go where no man has gone before
  • Engage!
  • If I'm not back, carry on without me
  • My Next Vacation
  • When do I get to go?
  • Gimme a one-way ticket!
  • I'm outta here!
  • I always wear my seat belt
  • Shake, rattle, and roll!
  • for fun, overprint a "buckle up" symbol or a "no smoking" symbol

Floating Free Photo Buttons - some caption ideas

  • Can't beat the view!
  • I need a lift
  • Taking a break from the wife & kids
  • Taking a break from my other half
  • My leave of absence
  • What I did last summer
  • Tell my boss I quit!
  • Telemarketers, find me now!
  • Can you scratch my back? 

Moonwalker Photo Buttons - some caption ideas

  • What I did last summer
  • Out for a stroll one day
  • Okay, so I got lost!
  • Let's pick up where we left off
  • I've got a hangover
  • That was some party last night!
  • Ah! No mosquitos!
  • Ah! No telemarketers!
  • Smoke Free Zone
  • Gimme a hug!
  • for fun, overprint a "quiet zone" sign or "condos under construction" sign

Bootprint on the Moon Photo Buttons - some caption ideas

  • I shall return
  • A lasting first impression
  • Remove boots before entering
  • Leaving footprints, taking pictures
  • Time to make more
  • Time to return to stay
  • Down payment on an Outpost
  • When do I get to go?

Eagle on the Moon Photo Button - some caption ideas

  • Time to return to stay
  • Next time, we stay
  • Telemarketers, find me now!
  • I remember!
  • Journey to the 8th Continent
  • My turn!
  • for fun, overprint a "pink flamingo" in the foreground

Moon Buggy Photo Buttons - some caption ideas

  • Classic Cars are my hobby
  • right where I left her
  • I love roadsters
  • Oh for the wide open road!
  • The next Model T
  • Did we run out of gas?
  • she'd still find a tree
  • out for an Earthlight drive
  • for fun, overprint a "buckle up" symbol or a "stoplight"

Ideas for button photo themes and captions are inexhaustible - try some, if they sell, try more.



  • Keep a record of what sells and doesn't sell
  • Keep an idea book handy to write down more captions, more photo theme ideas, artwork ideas, etc. as well as suggestions from customers



Button Making Equipment & Supplies

Sound Advice:
  • invest as little as possible until this enterprise starts to take off! Start with a hand held manual machine [starter kit photo $30 retail]
  • Borrow a machine for a test drive, if you can.
  • Buy second hand, if you can
  • Upgrade & diversify using reinvested profits only
  • Consult those with experience - Minnesota Space Frontier Society (NSS | Mars Society) has been in the button making business for years. Contact Ben Huset

What you will need: Manual button maker for 2 1/4 inch buttons (the most popular size - buttons also come in 1", 1.5", 3", 4" and in other shapes)

Where to buy:

Displaying Your Button Merchandise - for when you have enough different buttons that arranging them in an orderly display becomes a priority

  • Vertical turntable racks - You might find something at a store supply surplus outlet, or use slide in air conditioner filters attached to an old cassette or CD carousel or plastic lazy susan.
  • Vertical Pegboard racks - an easy do-it-yourself project
  • Table top Bins: try a store supply surplus outlet, storage departments in discount retail stores, or make one of your own design (lightweight , modular-expandable, securable plexiglass cover)
  • Online Source of ready to use button carousels ($56) and pegboard racks ($33)


  • table top button makers
  • electric button makers


  • Other sizes - round buttons buttons also come in 1", 1.5", 3", 4" sizes
  • Other shapes - rectangular (good for chapter logo membership badges) and diamond shape

Complementary Merchandise - when it's time to branch out

  • plain baseball caps (any color) sold with the button of one's choice
  • Bumper | Luggage Stickers
  • Decals
  • Lapel pins | tie clasps
  • Embroidered Mission Patches
  • Iron on T-shirt transfers