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Free Standing Display Systems
updated 04/13/2006

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Free Standing Display Systems -- Sometimes you have a generous amount of exhibit space available, more than you can fill with a table or two alone. For these occasions, free-standing display systems with their vertical surfaces, are ideal to draw the visitor's attention.

Lunar Reclamation Society Display Setup built by Peter Kokh, 1987

  • Blueprints, parts list, and assembly instructions promised
  • Materials used:
    • half inch copper tubing and fittings - (Note: to get the same stability in PVC you would have to go to much thicker stock; and the price, especially of the fittings, would be higher)
    • some subassemblies sweat-welded (piece of cake -- you need a roll of sodder and a common propane or butane torch)
    • 1 4'x8'x0.5" sheet of foil faced foam sheathing
    • 1 2'x4' "handysheet" of quarter inch plywood
    • 1 2'x4' plain translucent (white) drop in ceiling panel, scored and cut on a diagonal as a cover for the plywood table sections
    • a 24" piano hinge joins the two table top sections
    • miscelaneous other parts
  • 1987 cost $50
  • packs to 38" x 50" x 8" to fit in wagon or hatchback
  • assembles, disassembles in 10 minutes
  • lightweight - takes one to carry, set up, tear down
  • Combined 64 square feet of vertical poster space
  • Combined 8 square feet of flat table space
  • accommodates traffic on both sides - this stable unit has a slender 2 ft. by 8 ft footprint.
  • used to post illustration artwork (much from Popular Mechanics monthly Tech Update section) on new or proposed space hardware and systems, other artwork and illustrations -- eye-catchers that draw visitors



NEW 10/28/05 - Moon Society St. Louis new PVC-based free standing display system

[view photo]


"Zig-Zag" Mural | Poster combination display -
(Midwest Space Development Conf. Corp. & Lunar Reclamation Soc. aka NSS-Milwaukee)

  • The original served as the main display unit of the Midwest Space Development Conference Corporation for many years.
  • Approaching from one angle, you see only a Mural. Approaching from the other direction, you see only the poster panels. It is an elegant system.
  • The plan was copied and expanded in by the Lunar Reclamation Society in 1997 to make use of both sides and serve as a traffic island.
    • Blueprints, materials list and sources, and assembly instructions promised
      • uses half inch foam core
      • velvet or velour fabric and fabric adhesive
      • lots and lots of velcro
      • two wallpaper murals from Environmental Graphics, Inc.
        • C384 "Earthrise"
        • C804 "Shuttle in Orbit"
        • These wallpaper murals come in 8 sections, 4 top, 4 bottom, and have combined dimensions of 8' 8" in height, 13' 8" in width. We selected a central portion 6' 8" in height and 6' 8' in width. We bonded them to the foam core pieces using a spray fabric adhesive. Then we trimmed the edges with half-inch black plastic U channels (hard to find).
    • Meanwhile, this diagram of the LRS "Zig-Zag" Display System



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Table Top Display System Plans & Blueprints


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