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Animated Space Images

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Collected Animated Space Gifs

MoonAni.gif - this animation shows not only the phases of the Moon but how they are generated as its position relative to the Sun and Earth changes.

Current Phase Images
hese are not animated, but they are live (virtual) renderings of the phases

The Current Phase of the Moon as seen from Earth

Page from which you can pull in the current phase of the Moon

The Current Phase of Earth as seen from the Moon - not only does the phase change (in opposite phase to the Moon) but, as Earth does not present the same face to the Moon, the hemisphere facing the Moon is always changing.

NEW - shadowmovie1.gif - as the Moon turn's on its axis once every 29.54 days, different areas of the poles are turned sunward, yet clearly, a lot of deep craters never get any sunshine as this movie of one lunar day in the south polar region shows. There may be more ice reserves than expected.