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Space Chapter Produced Videos


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  • Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS-Milwaukee) - the following four videos were produced by LRS member Bob Bialecki for Cable Access TV circa 1994. All four on a 2-hr tape for $6 check made out to "Robert Bialecki", Cable Access Videos, 2959 N. Bremen Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212 - allow 4 weeks. Ph: 414-372-9613 (Bob Bialecki)
    • 30 min. "The Delta Clipper Project", Mark Kaehny
    • 30 min. "Back to the Moon: The Clementine Project", Bill Higgins
    • 30 min. "Our Future on the Moon", Peter Kokh
    • 30 min. "To the Moon and Mars", Peter Kokh


  • NSS Seattle c/o John Schlick (206) 932-6622 - LIST of 31 Titles
    These titles represent 2 types of videos.
    The first are the Seattle NSS Chapter monthly meetings turned into 2 hour TV shows.   These meetings feature a speaker talking on what is usually a fairly interesting space related topic.  Every month we create a new NSS Seattle Meeting show.

    The second set of shows are Panels that were given at Norwescon (a large regional science fiction convention) on space science, and space related science.  These panels are typically 58 minutes in length.  Every year at Norwescon, we typically add at least 15 or 20 of these types of shows to the list.

    Because of the equipment used to make these videos they cannot be used for commercial purposes, however, copies of the videos can be had for tape and mailing cost.  $5.00 each for VHS tapes, and $8.00 each for SVHS tapes.


  • Middle Tennessee NSS
  • Baltimore SS Tucson SS




  • Moon Colony Videos


Chapter Leaders: If your chapter has developed Cable-Access Videos on any aspect of space, please submit details.


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