How to air Videos on Public Access TV.


First off, What is Public Access???

Public Access is a TV channel, usually on your local cable station that is set aside by the government to allow the general public access to the television medium as a mechanism for free speech.  It costs NOTHING to air shows on Public Access TV.  The trade-off here is that the cable company NEEDS a franchise from the city or county involved in order to do business in that area, and giving up a channel is just not that high a cost of doing business to them.


So, how do you do this?

First: you have to have something to air.  Thats what the list of videos is all about. 

Second: you have to take it to your local Public Access station and schedule it to air.

Thats it!!!



To find your local Public Access channel, do one of two things... 

1: Watch your local Public Access TV station till they give the number of the station out over the air.

2: Call your city hall or whatever government office most locally represents you.   Ask for the person that oversees the cable franchises.  Ask them for the number of the Public Access station.

If you need help finding your local Public Access station, please call John Schlick at (206) 932-6622 or send him email at


Once you have this number, call the local Public Access station, and tell them that you have something that you want to air.  They will ask lots of silly questions about the tape format.  There is the possibility of needing to have the tape you have dubbed from the format that you have to the format that they want.  If this happens, call John Schlick at (206) 932-6622 and he can help you figure out the best way to get it dubbed.  MOST public access stations can playback VHS tapes, and many of them can playback SVHS tapes.  You will also hear them talk about "3/4 U-Matic", "Beta-SP", and "Mini-DV".  Almost none of them will be able to playback "Hi-8".  Don't be panicked by the tape format names.  It just means that the little tape dealie needs to be a different shape when you walk in the door. (smirk)

The final steps???

Get the tape you want to air from one of our chapters, and



Next, send email to all your friends that you have your very own tv show....  Get a beer invite friends over and watch it.

Make sure to sit in your favorite naugahide chair with your shirt off so that your friends can hear your skin peel off as you stand up.... (double smirk).