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NSS Banner Redesign Contest

Terms and Conditions for Submitted Designs



By clicking the "Submit" button on our Submit page and submitting your
design/artwork to the National Space Society Banner Redesign Contest,
you hereby grant the National Space Society and its chapters a non-
exclusive, worldwide, royalty free, perpetual license to:


·         blankA. Reproduce said design/art and associated textual description (in whole or in part) in print, electronic, and other media.

·         B. Use the design/art for promotional and advertising purposes.

·         C. Modify for sizing, transmission, or distribution of your submission without prior or additional consent.

·         D. Use the designer’s/artist’s name, likeness and biographical information in connection with the design/art being submitted.


You also agree that:

·         A. The NSS Banner Redesign Contest reserves the right to reject any submission without showing cause.

·         B. NSS reserves the right to extend the contest submission deadline.


Further, you also warrant that:

·         A. The design/art being submitted is an original created by you and does not violate any copyrights.

·         B. The design/art being submitted is not subject to any third party intellectual property rights.


This Agreement may not be amended except by written agreement between the parties.


The primary purpose of the NSS Banner Redesign Contest, in addition to the creation of a new line of Banners and Posters for the National and its chapters, is to encourage the creation of space settlement and exploration designs that could be used by NSS and its chapters to promote its non-profit objective of creating a spacefaring civilization. Use of the design/art by NSS or its chapters could include the NSS website, the NSS magazine Ad Astra, Banners, posters and possible brochures and other promotional materials. We believe this use is for the benefit of the future of humanity and we hope and trust that this is a cause and use that designers/artists would support.

However, we recognize that some designers/artists have legitimate reasons for limiting the use of their designs/artwork to the NSS Banner Redesign Contest, “ Inspiration” only. We therefore offer the following option to designers/artists for such limited use.


Limited Use

·         Winning designs/artwork will be used only in the new line of NSS Banners or NSS Signs

·         Submitted designs/artwork will be displayed on the NSS web site only in association with the NSS Banner Design Contest.

·         Submitted designs/artwork may be used in articles in the society's magazine and other membership publications only in connection with the NSS Banner Redesign Contest.

·         Submitted designs/artwork may only be used in association with reporting of the NSS Banner Redesign Contest or publicity for or about the NSS Banner Redesign Contest.

·         Any further use of entries submitted to the NSS Banner Redesign Contest would be subject to negotiation with the designer/artist.


To invoke these "Limited Use" Terms and Conditions, the designer/artist should email a request, no later than the contest deadline, containing this or similar language: "Please limit my entry titled _____ to the purposes of the NSS Banner Redesign Contest only". Email this request to:


An email acknowledgement that the Limited Use terms will apply to that design/artwork will be sent to the designer/artist.



If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email: or



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