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NSS Banner Redesign Contest

Judging Guidelines for Submitted Designs



Judges are to adhere to the following guidelines in evaluating the designs


that have been submitted to the NSS Banner Redesign Contest


blank           1) If the designer chooses to incorporate pictures/views of future human space settlements, associated activities/endeavors in the solar system they must be a realistic depiction.

2) The design should provide an uplifting, positive message of our future in space. Images that contain scenes of battle, criminal activity, morally offensive activity, etc. are to be excluded from consideration.


3) The design must be non-offensive and appropriate for viewing by children.


4) Depictions of identifiable persons, whether real or fictional, is not permitted.


5) The design of the Banner must be able to carry over into future years of use.

No dates or other references to time should be made


6) The Judge must believe that the design will have the ability to inspire the viewer to get actively involved in the pursuit of space exploration and settlement and that the design associates the idea that the National Space Society is the group that is working to make this a reality.



Individual judges votes will be tallied by Candace Pankanin, Vice President of Chapters and Chair of the NSS Banner Redesign Contest Committee.  Details of the individual judges votes along with the final analysis will be provided to the Judges and the NSS Banner Design Committee for review.



If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email: or



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