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NSS Banner Redesign Contest

Submission Requirements





The deadline for submissions to the NSS Banner Redesign Contest has been extended to Sunday, May 13, 2007.  Designers, whether professional or amateur, are encouraged to submit as many designs as they can imagine and create. Since the National Space Society is an organization that spans the globe, our contest is open to all citizens of the world.               


How to enter:

Using the NSS Banner Redesign Contest Submission Form below you can enter as

q       An Individual designer/artist.

q       An Individual designer/artist as part of a Chapter. In this case both your name and the Chapter name would be on Contest related listings. All prizes would be awarded to the individual.

q       A Chapter. In this case the Chapter Name would be the Only name listed on all documents and all Prizes would be awarded to the Chapter and presented to the Chapter Representative listed on the submission form as the chapter contact



All contest participants submitting designs will be required to agree to the contest's Terms and Conditions for Submitted Designs.

All submissions must be made in a digital format and will only be accepted via the NSS Banner Redesign Contest Submission Form.

A screening process will be in place and the committee reserves the right to reject any submission without showing cause.

NSS Banner Design Matter


All submitted designs must contain the words National Space Society and the  NSS Logo. You can download the logo that best fits into your design by clicking here.  The design should be oriented to fit a banner that is 6.0 ft wide x 2.5 ft high. It will be printed on vinyl giving it a longer life for outdoor use. When deciding on a theme keep in mind that the creation of a new banner design is being made to inspire the viewer to take action. It must draw the attention of those who view it to imprint the name National Space Society as the place to join, NOW, to get actively involved in the pursuit of space exploration and settlement.


Additional details as to acceptable content and how judges will be evaluating the designs can be found in the Judging Guidelines for Submitted Designs page.



Design Technical Specifications


Submissions must be in digital format. The banner will be 6 feet by 2.5 feet in size, so the original design must be created at a size of 21,600 pixels wide by 9,000 pixels high in either RGB or CMYK color (which corresponds to 6 ft. x 2.5 ft. at 300 dpi). The three winners will be required to submit this original size for printing purposes, either on disk of by file upload (possibly in a high-quality, low compression JPEG or PDF format. Note that if the design is submitted in RGB, the printer will convert to CMYK.


For Submission to the contest, files must be submitted in either JPEG or PDF format and should be reduced in size to 3600 pixels wide by 1500 pixels high with a file size no greater than 8 megabytes. All submissions must be made via the NSS Banner Redesign Contest Submission Form.




If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email the NSS Banner Redesign Committee at: or




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