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a public gathering of space leaders and enthusiasts sponsored by the
Huntsville Alabama L5 Society chapter of the National Space Society

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(Last updated on October 31, 2004)

No conference can be prepared for and executed without the help of many people volunteering their time and energy.  This conference is being hosted by the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society chapter of the National Space Society, and to-date more than ten HAL5 officers and members have participated in conference planning activities.

Volunteers Needed at Conference

Conference execution time is of course when volunteers are needed the most.  To volunteer, please send an email message to Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca Smith.

Guidelines for Conference Volunteers

Thank You to our Volunteers to-date:

Carrie Alderfer HAL5 member
Greg Allison HAL5 President
Peter Ewing HAL5 member
Amy Herring HAL5 member
David Hewitt HAL5 member
James Hopkins HAL5 member
Lee Huffman HAL5 member
Bryan Jones HAL5 member
Ronnie Lajoie HAL5 Treasurer and Webmaster
Yohon Lo HAL5 member
Tim Pickens HAL5 member
Don Robinson HAL5 member
Evelyn Sabino HAL5 Communications Chair
Chuck Schlemm Middle Tennessee Space Society
David Schultz HAL5 member
Rebecca Smith HAL5 Vice-President
George Whitesides NSS Executive Director

Latest News

November 11, 2004
(News Archive page)

Version 23 of the Session Talks Status is now available.  We are working hard to finalize speakers, so expect daily updates.

Version 23 of the Conference Schedule is now available.

Chris Faranetta of Space Adventures has just agreed to be our speaker for the Saturday dinner!

Read the Valley Planet article on the conference!

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