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a public gathering of space leaders and enthusiasts sponsored by the
Huntsville Alabama L5 Society chapter of the National Space Society

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(Last updated on October 22, 2004)
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Exhibit space is extremely limited for this conference -- just part of one small room used for Operations and computers.  Thus, there will be no sold exhibit space.  Instead, what available table-top space there is will be used by co-sponsoring organizations, on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Currently planned exhibits include:

1. Project HALO -- the rocket project of the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society, sponsor of this conference.  The HALO table-top exhibit will be on display, along with available rocket parts (TSA-permitting) from our latest effort.

2. CyberTeams -- the Internet Services Provider for the National Space Society and many of its chapters, as well as many other non-profit, pro-space organizations including the Moon Society and the Mars Society.  CyberTeams President and CEO Randall Severy will be demonstrating "MyNSS", a new Web-based capability for accessing and updating membership data, built on the CyberTeams' product "Team Director".  Past and current NSS members will be able to check their member data and update it as desired in real-time.

Latest News

November 11, 2004
(News Archive page)

Version 23 of the Session Talks Status is now available.  We are working hard to finalize speakers, so expect daily updates.

Version 23 of the Conference Schedule is now available.

Chris Faranetta of Space Adventures has just agreed to be our speaker for the Saturday dinner!

Read the Valley Planet article on the conference!

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