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A small group can make an impact

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The success of any volunteer organization, depends upon its officers and members. We are grateful for the dedication of the members who took up the tasks of serving as an HAL5 officer. Per our bylaws, the officers are elected, in June of each year, by the membership for a position of 1 year. In 2014(??), to align with HAL5 fiscal year, and our reporting requirements to our parent organization (NSS), the HAL5 executive officers voted to amend the bylaw by moving the annual election to January of each year or at the Christmas party in December of the preceding year if there is a guest speaker in January.

Month of Joining Regular Special
January, February, March $16 $8
April, May, June $12 $6
July, August, September $8 $4
October, November, December $4 $2
Special: Youth, senior citizen, retired or unemployed.

What Can You Do to Help Us?

In addition to becoming a HAL5 member, you can donate your time (volunteering and speaking at our monthly program). If you cannot donate your time, however (and we do understand the limits placed on your free time) -- and even if you can -- please consider making a donation of money and/or equipment to HAL5 or its Project HALO. Your donation to HAL5 is tax-deductable to the extent which the law allows. Please make your check payable to the "Huntsville Alabama L5 Society" and send it to:

Huntsville Alabama L5 Society
PO Box 22413
Huntsville, AL 35814

You can also join and renew your membership and make a donation to HAL5 online via our Square account. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Membership to HAL5 does not include membership to our national organization (National Space Society - NSS). We encourage all HAL5 member to join NSS. Be sure to select "Huntsville Alabama L5 Society or Chapter ID 101" as the Recruiting Chapter: Additional infomration about NSS membership can be found at here at NSS Membership Page.

HAL5 Officers

In addition to becoming a HAL5 member, you can donate your time volunteering at one of our outreach events, be an officer of HAL5, or volunteer at NSS level. The current HAL5 officers are:, serving the calendar year 2017, are:

  • President: Yohon Lo
  • Vice President: Robert Bijvoet
  • Treasurer: Ronnie Lajoie
  • Secretary: David Newsome
  • Publicity*: Vacant
  • Education Outreach*: David Hewitt
  • Membership*: Robin Scott
* denotes Ad Hoc HAL5 committees.

Contact Us

You can or through regular mail at HAL5, PO Box 22413, Huntsville, AL 35814.