Panoply Arts Festival - STEAM Interactive

3 Days of Non-Stop STEAM Activities

HAL5 has the pleasure of being part of Art Huntsville annual Panoply Arts Festival STEAM Interactive activity since 2014. STEAM is "Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, together with Arts (STEAM)." It is a great opportunity to engage and to have fun with the kids on building and testing science theme gadgets while passing along some STEM related facts about the the gadget that they are building. The arts aspect of the STEAM draw up on design principles and encouraging creative solutions.

Panoply 2017

For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

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Panoply 2016

Oil and Water Really Don't Mix

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Panoply 2015

Dance Little Robot! Dance! Make Me Some Arts!

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Panoply 2014

Mars Bugs Attack! and Through The Fabric of the Universe

Popsical Catapult and Cosmic Comet Testing Stations
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