Joining HAL5

Do you dream of cruising to the stars or settling on another world? Are you tired of waiting for your chance to fly into space? Have you had enough of the slow pace of space development? Then join us!

Formed in 1983, HAL5 is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to accelerating the development of space, and is your local link to the growing national and international space activist movement. Membership to HAL5 includes:

New HAL5 membership dues are prorated so that all memberships expire on December 31. Past HAL5 members will be renewed at $16. On the paper form, please check the membership type and appropriate rate box corresponding to the month you join.

Month of Joining Regular Special*
January to March: $16 $8
April to June: $12 $6
July to September: $8 $4
October to December: $4 $2
Special:Youth (<22y), senior citizen, retired or unemployed.
Expired member is renewed at the $16/$8 rate.

To join HAL5, please down load the membership form and send it along with your membership due (checks payable to "Huntsville Alabama L5 Society") to [Please note the new mailing address]:

Huntsville Alabama L5 Society
PO Box 22413
Huntsville, AL 35814

Membership to HAL5 does not include membership to our national organization (NSS). We encourage all HAL5 member to join NSS. Be sure to select "Huntsville Alabama L5 Society" as the Recruiting Chapter: Additional infomration about NSS membership can be found at NSS Membership Page.