Project HALO News

Sorry for lack of updates in the past couple of years. We had hoped for a static firing of the last two hybrid motors, but due to the unavailability of a test facility, we are going to postpone until late 2011. In the mean time, we are tweaking our version of hybrid suitcase rocket for education outreach and for simple hybrid propellant testing. It is based on the hybrid suitcase rocket built by our friend Tim Pickens for Orion Propulsion (now Dynetics) that we borrowed on occasions for education outreach. The twist we made to this version is the use of a propane igniter. It works well and we demonstrated a few times.

Team also embarked on a small liquid rocket, still using nitrous oxide as our oxidizer, which could offer us more "boost for the buck." We are currently building the ground test equipments and hopefully to test it fall 2011.