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The Southeastern Space Supporter is the FORMER bimonthly newsletter of the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5).

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** Special Announcement **

The Southeastern Space Supporter ceased publication in the year 2000.
The information on this Web page is provided for historical and reference purposes.

How to Subscribe

A subscription to the Southeastern Space Supporter is included with membership to HAL5.  For membership information, see the HAL5 Membership Web page.

Individuals and organizations may purchase a separate subscription for $10.00 annually, which is pro-rated so that all subscriptions expire at the end of the year.  Pay the following amount based on the month you send in your check:

   January, February, March:      $ 10.00   --> all six issues
   April,   May,      June:       $  7.50   --> last four issues (five if April)
   July,    August,   September:  $  5.00   --> last three issues
   October, November, December:   $  2.50   --> last two issues

Make your check payable to the: Huntsville Alabama L5 Society
and mail it, your name, and your address to:

Back Issues

The following are back issues of the Southeastern Space Supporter made available to the public free of charge in Adobe PDF format.  To view a PDF file, you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader freeware.

You may request an alternate format (e.g., Word, WordPerfect) by sending an E-Mail message to the Editor c/o

Please note that the Southeastern Space Supporter is a paper newsletter, and contains some graphics and photographs which are pasted into place “the old-fashioned way”, and are thus not included in these electronic back issues.  These images are, fortunately, faithfully reproduced by an amazing copier at Kinko’s. The newsletter is developed by volunteer labor, but costs are encurred for printing, copying, collating, and mailing.  Back issues are available at $1.00 apiece, which includes the cost of postage within the United States.  Add $0.50 for mailing to other countries.

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed in the Southeastern Space Supporter are those of the authors or of the Editor, and, unless expressly so stated, are not necessarily those of HAL5 or the National Space Society (NSS).

Instructions for Submissions

HAL5 encourages its members and guests to speak out on space-related issues, and welcome submissions of both fact and opinion articles of interest to HAL5 members.  Deadline for submittal is the last day of the following months: February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Please note that the newsletter has an overall page limit and priority will go to articles pertaining to HAL5 and Project HALO activities.

Preferred format for text is ASCII on a diskette or sent by E-Mail.  Preferred format for text with graphics is Word or WordPerfect on a diskette or sent by E-Mail.  Also acceptable are letters and articles sent by mail or faxed; however, the more retyping required, the less likely the acceptance.  HAL5 is not responsible for receipt of mailed submissions; none will be returned unless sent with a SASE. Hand-delivered diskettes will be hand-returned.  No compensation will be paid for submissions.

Submit letters/articles via E-Mail to or via FAX to (256) 461-3045, or by regular mail to:

Day phone/message: (256) 461-5934
Night/Weekend phone/message: (256) 721-1083

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