The Huntsville Alabama L5 Society chapter of the National Space Society
is preparing for its next milestone of Phase 2 of Project HALO -- High Altitude Lift-Off ...

Project HALO Sky Launch 2

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First Launch Special Edition Newsletter on Sale

Copies of the special 20-page “Collector’s Edition” issue of the Southeastern Space Supporter are now available.  The issue focuses on the heroic first launch attempt for Project HALO Sky Launch 2, and features articles by team members and lots of B&W photos.  Copies may be purchased for $1.50 each, plus postage.  See the SSS Home Page page for more details.

Rescheduled launch time will probably be in Spring 1999, depending on the amount of repair work to the rocket, on the ability to raise enough money to buy a second balloon and some replacement electronics (about $5,000), and new FAA requirements.  For details on donating, please see HALO Donation Program page.

Contact Information | Index

Primary Contact: Greg Allison
HAL5 Project HALO Program Manager
Daytime Phone: 256-544-4440
Evening Phone: 256-859-5538
E-mail Address:

Secondary Contact: Ronnie Lajoie
HAL5 Project HALO Press Site Manager
Daytime Phone: 256-971-3055 --- (limit 4 messages)
Evening Phone: 256-721-1083 --- (unlimited messages)
FAX Phone: 256-971-3333
E-mail Address:

NSS Headquarters Contact: Karen Rugg
National Space Society, Washington, DC
Day Phone: 202-543-1900, ext. 77
E-mail Address:

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Purpose of Project HALO | Index

The purpose of Project HALO is to make access to space more affordable for students, amateurs, experimenters, and researchers.  It is combination technical and educational program.  The program is divided into several phases.  All phases have opportunities for student involvement at all grade levels.

See the Project HALO Home Page and Project HALO Executive Summary for more details.

Goals of HALO Sky Launch 2 | Index

Project HALO Sky Launch 2 marks the first major milestone for Project HALO Phase 2, Operational Rockoons.  As such, this launch attempt represents the first test for Project HALO to provide a capability for launching student payloads.

NASA's Role in the HALO SL-2 Mission | Index

In 1996, the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) expressed to HAL5 its interest in the rockoon approach.  In an effort to find new ways to reduce the cost of rocket launches, NASA is examining alternate launch sites and methods.  HAL5 and NASA MSFC signed a Cooperative Agreement in October 1996 for the Sky Launch 2 (SL-2) rockoon mission.  For SL-2, HAL5 is providing the amateur rocket, high altitude balloon, launch support hardware, tracking equipment, and recovery boat.

NASA MSFC and the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility are providing an oceangoing barge to serve as the balloon launch platform, plus helium for the balloon, nitrous-oxide for the rocket, and some money towards the reimbursement of materials purchases.  HAL5 is raising the rest of its money via its Donation Program.  For more details on NASA’s role in the historic SL-2 rockoon mission, please see the NASA SL-2 Web Site.

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Site Description | Index

Balloon launch site was on board an oceangoing barge provided by NASA.
The barge was positioned in the Gulf of Mexico, 60 miles ESE of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Press Site was located in Galathea Hall (marked building 10 on map) at the Sea Lab on Dauphin Island, Alabama, south of Mobile

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Site Restrictions | Index


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Technical Details | Index

Amateur Radio Frequencies | Index

See Bill Brown's WB8ELK Home Page at  for details.

Telemetry Decoding | Index

See Bill Brown's WB8ELK Home Page at  for details.

Ad Astra per Ardua -- “To the Stars by Our Own Hands”

For more information on Project HALO, contact HALO Project Manager Yohon Lo at (256) 658-2043 or via E-Mail at:

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