The Huntsville Alabama L5 Society chapter of the National Space Society
has reached the culmination event of Phase 1 of Project HALO -- High Altitude Lift-Off ...

Project HALO Sky Launch 1

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HAL5 rockoon makes amateur and hybrid rocketry history on May 11!

HAL5 made amateur rocketry history on Sunday, May 11, 1997.  At 8:25 AM EDT, HAL5's Project HALO team performed the first amateur rockoon mission when it successfully launched its Sky Launch 1 rocket from a high altitude balloon.  HAL5 also made hybrid rocketry history as well, becoming the first organization to launch a hybrid rocket from a high altitude.  Based on an estimated rocket apogee between 30 and 36 nautical miles, HAL5 can now claim the world record for highest altitude achieved to date by an amateur rocket -- and by a hybrid rocket of any kind.

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HAL5 rockoon makes amateur and hybrid rocketry history on May 11!

An official press release will be issue shortly, containing more details about the successful rockoon mission.  In the meantime, please see the article written by Bill Brown on his Web page at:

Contact Information | Index

Primary Contact: Greg Allison
HAL5 Project HALO Program Manager
Evening Phone: 256-859-5538
E-mail Address:

Secondary Contact: Ronnie Lajoie
HAL5 Project HALO Logistics Coordinator
Day Phone: 256-461-5934
Evening Phone: 256-721-1083
FAX Phone: 256-461-2551
Primary E-mail Address:

NSS Headquarters Contact: Karen Rugg
National Space Society, Washington, DC
Day Phone: 202-543-1900
E-mail Address:

When and Where | Index

HALO SL-1 Sites Map
HALO Sky Launch 1 starts in Hampstead (Map image courtesy of YaHoo! Maps)

Purpose and Goals | Index

The purpose of Project HALO is to make access to space more affordable for students, amateurs, experimenters, and researchers.  It is combination technical and educational program.  The program is divided into several phases.  All phases have opportunities for student involvement at all grade levels.

See the Project HALO Home Page and Project HALO Executive Summary for more details.

Project HALO Sky Launch 1 marks the completion milestone for Project HALO Phase 1, Proof of Concept.  As such, this launch attempt represents the final test for Project HALO to proceed onto Phase 2, Operational Rockoons, when we can start to launch student payloads.

Schedule of Events | Index


Site Description | Index

The balloon launch site is a grass field 300 feet wide and one mile deep.
The entrance to the site is a short gravel driveway between a line of trees.

Directions to Site | Index

Site Restrictions | Index

Nearby Accommodations | Index

Balloon Position | Index

Rocket Position | Index

Amateur Radio Frequencies | Index

See Bill Brown's WB8ELK Home Page at  for details.

Telemetry Decoding | Index

See Bill Brown's WB8ELK Home Page at  for details.

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