Directions to HALO Sky Launch 1 Site

Last update on Saturday, 15-Apr-2017 13:19:42 EDT

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Get to Wilmington in North Carolina

North Carolina highways
Balloon Launch Site is 20 mi north of Wilmington on US 17 (North Carolina map courtesy of YaHoo! Maps)

Meeting places in Wilmington, North Carolina

Project HALO team members plan to rest along Hotel Row in Wilmington.  (The Day's Inn is already full for the weekend; thus there will be NO single hotel for HALO team members.)
A meeting will be held at the Shoney's restaurant on Friday at 7 PM, following setup.

Wilmington Map
HALO Team will be resting & meeting in Wilmington (Map image courtesy of YaHoo! Maps)

From Wilmington to Site in Hampstead, North Carolina

Hampstead Site Map
The site is located one mile north of high school on US 17 (Map image courtesy of YaHoo! Maps)

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