The Huntsville Alabama L5 Society chapter of the National Space Society
has reached the culmination event of Phase 1 of Project HALO -- High Altitude Lift-Off ...

Project HALO Sky Launch 1

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HAL5’s “Proof of Concept” rockoon mission to take place from
Cerro Gordo, North Carolina at 6:30 AM EST on Saturday, March 22, 1997

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Contact Karen Rugg at National Space Society Headquarters for Info: 202-543-1900

More data will be posted following the mission on March 22.

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Map of Launch Site

Purpose and Goals | Index

The purpose of Project HALO is to make access to space more affordable for students, amateurs, experimenters, and researchers.  It is combination technical and educational program.  The program is divided into several phases.  All phases have opportunities for student involvement at all grade levels.

See the Project HALO Home Page and Project HALO Executive Summary for more details.

Project HALO Sky Launch 1 marks the completion milestone for Project HALO Phase 1, Proof of Concept.  As such, this launch attempt represents the final test for Project HALO to proceed onto Phase 2, Operational Rockoons, when we can start to launch student payloads.

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Amateur Radio Frequencies | Index

See Bill Brown's WB8ELK Home Page at  for details.

Telemetry Decoding | Index

See Bill Brown's WB8ELK Home Page at  for details.

Ad Astra per Ardua -- "To the Stars by Our Own Hands"

For more information on Project HALO, contact HALO Project Manager Gregory Allison at (256) 859-5538.

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