The Project HALO Donation Program

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Thank You!  Your donations made to “HAL5 Project HALO” have allowed HAL5 to complete Phase 1 (Rockoon Proof-of-Concept) with the successful history-making launch the Sky Launch 1 hybrid rocket!

Now we are well into Phase 2 (Operational Rockoons), when we can start launching student and amateur space experiments.  Donations are now needed to help cover the cost of the new Tube Launch 1 (TL-1) hybrid rocket mission in Spring or Summer 2006.

Please make your check payable to “HAL5 Project HALO” and mail to the following address:

Please donate whatever amount you can to Project HALO.  This is the year we need your financial support the most.  This is the year we can make real space history -- especially with Project HALO and HALO Achievement.  It’s for a good cause -- Space for us all -- in our lifetimes!  Ad Astra!

If you desire, you may earmark your donation for either the “Technical” or more “Educational” (i.e., HALO Achievement) parts of Project HALOYour donation to HAL5 Project HALO is tax-deductable to the extent which the law allows.

Donor Status will be Cumulative

Your status as a donor to Project HALO will be cumulative.  We at HAL5 believe that you are equally generous whether you make one big donation or many little ones over the years.  Thus, your total contribution to Project HALO is used to determine your donor status.  The table below summarizes the cumulative donation requirements for each donor level.  Note that Corporate donor levels are purposefully set to ten times that of individual donor levels.

HAL5 Project HALO Donor Levels
Donor Level
Total Contribution Range         Corporate
Donor Level
Total Contribution Range
Donor$ 1  to  $ 49 Donor$ 1  to  $ 499
Contributor$ 50  to  $99 Contributor$ 500  to  $ 999
Supporter$ 100  to  $ 249 Supporter$ 1,000  to  $ 2,499
Provider$ 250  to  $ 499 Provider$ 2,500  to  $ 4,999
Guarantor$ 500  to  $ 749 Guarantor$ 5,000  to  $ 7,499
Patron$ 750  to  $ 999 Patron$ 7,500  to  $ 9,999
Sponsor$ 1,000  to  $ 1,499 Sponsor$ 10,000  to  $ 14,999
Benefactor$ 1,500  to  $ 1,999 Benefactor$ 15,000  to  $ 19,999
Bestower$ 2,000  to  $ 2,999 Bestower$ 20,000  to  $ 29,999
Guardian$ 3,000  to  $ 3,999 Guardian$ 30,000  to  $ 39,999
Saint$ 4,000  to  $ 4,999 Saint$ 40,000  to  $ 49,999
Crusader$ 5,000  to  $ 7,499 Crusader$ 50,000  to  $ 74,999
Angel$ 7,500 and higher Angel$ 75,000 and higher

List of Donors to Project HALO

As of April 2005, the following cumulative donations have been made to HAL5 Project HALO.  These donations include both cash donations as well as unreimbursed "out-of-pocket" expenses (e.g., hardware, travel, telephone, etc.)  HAL5 is extremely appreciative for all amounts received.  THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!
(Note: Non-HALO-related donations to the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society are tracked separately.  For details, please see the HAL5 Donation Program Web page.)

Individual donors of cash and/or equipment to Project HALO

  • HALO Crusaders -- $5,000 to $7,499
      Ronnie Lajoie

  • HALO Saints -- $4,000 to $4,999
      Timothy Pickens

  • HALO Guardians -- $3,000 to $3,999

  • HALO Bestowers -- $2,000 to $2,999
      Bill Brown

  • HALO Benefactors -- $1,500 to $1,999
      Greg Allison

  • HALO Sponsors -- $1,000 to $1,499
      Clay Sawyer

  • HALO Patrons -- $750 to $999
      Peter Ewing
      Larry Scarborough

  • HALO Guarantors -- $500 to $749
      Ron Creel
      Gene & Gladys Young
      Richard Richardson
      Melanie Hazelrig
      Joel Scotkin

  • HALO Providers -- $250 to $499
      Alfred Wright
      Wade Dorland
      Philomena Grodzka & Garrett Roberts
      Ed Myszka
      Vytas Lasinskas

  • HALO Supporters -- $100 to $249
      Cheryl York
      John & Lorraine Barnum
      Glen May
      Allen Meece
      James Hopkins
      Bruce Cunningham
      Steve Mustaikis
      Chuck Schlemm
      Mark Wells
      David Dean
      Bill Axenroth
      Rick Kauffman
      Bennett Rutledge
      Eugene Peresich
      Keith Lohmeyer
      Donald Clowers
  • HALO Contributors -- $50 to $99
      Ethan Scarl
      Ben Frink
      Linda Kenny-Sloan
      Lyle Taylor
      Mark Kaehny
      Kent Rothermal
      Jeff Cameron
      Ellen Cozelos

  • HALO Donors -- $1 to $49
      David Schultz
      Carol Rene Johnson
      Vincent Dauro
      Amy Houts
      James Owens
      E. G. Judson
      Regan Carlile
      John Bossard
      Robert DeBiase
      Steve Arnold
      Chris Grossaint
      Matthew Travis
      Phillip May
      Julian Campbell
      David Hirzel
      Charlotte Nelson
      Charles Walker
      Don Robinson
      Arlin Anderson
      Ray Moses
      Robert Powell
      Richard Braastad
      Matt Beland
      Amy Herring & Bryan Jones
      Jan Bijvoet
      Ilmar Luik
      John Bossard
      Evelyn Sabino
      Bruce Mackenzie
      Brian Lee
      Michael Skinner
      John Pavlick
      Dusty McGee
      David Yeoman
      Ronald Howard
      David Hewitt
      Tom Koszoru

Corporate donors of cash and/or equipment to Project HALO

  • HALO Corporate Patrons -- $7,500 to $9,999
      NASA Marshall Space Flight Center -- (for HALO Phase 2)

  • HALO Corporate Supporters -- $1,000 to $2,499
      Huntsville Association of Technical Societies (HATS) -- (for HALO Phase 2)

  • HALO Corporate Contributors -- $500 to $999
      The Boeing Company -- (for the HAL5 Race for Space)

  • HALO Corporate Donors -- $1 to $499
      MHC&S Load Cell -- (for HALO Rocket Motor Test Facility)
      Toroid Corporation -- (for HALO Rocket Motor Test Facility)
      Wyle Laboratories -- (for HALO Rocket Motor Test Facility)
      Thiokol Corporation -- (for HALO Rocket Motor Test Facility)
      Clear Lake National Space Society

Ad Astra per Ardua -- “To the Stars by Our Own Hands”

For more information on Project HALO, contact Yohon Lo at via E-Mail at:

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