Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5)

HAL5 Highlights for 2013


January 2013

HAL5 monthly program on "HAL5 Membership and Strategic Planning Meeting." This is your society, help us to help you and our community.


February 2013

HAL5 monthly program to be announced. We may have it at an earlier date to partner with the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop.


March 2013

HAL5 monthly program on "Lesser Known History of Huntsville's Technological Evolution" with Dr. Raymond C. Watson, jr of R. C. Watson & Associates.


April 2013

HAL5 monthly program on "Fire, Sunshield, and Ice - Making of the Sunshield for the James Webb Space Telescope" with Greg Laue, Aerospace Products Director, ManTech International Corporation


May 2013

HAL5 monthly program on "Interstellar Medium" with Dr. Wes Colley (bio), Senior Research Scientist, Center for Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis, University of Alabama Huntsville. ISDC 2013 San Diego, CA. Will HAL5 receive another AWESOME award from NSS?


June 2013

Special join program with Von Braun Astronomical Society (VBAS) on Summer Solstice, Friday. June 21, 2013, at VBAS Observatory in the Monte Sano state park. Dr. Martin C. Weisskopf, Chief Scientist for X-Ray Astronomy and Chandra Project Scientist at NASA MSFC will be talking to us on Chandra X-ray Observatory. A short planetary show and viewing through VBAS' 16 and 21-inch telescopes if weather permitting. You are invited to bring your own telescope. Direction to the observatory can be found here.


July 2013

No HAL5 program due to July 4th Holiday. Have a great Fourth of July! Annual HAL5 Members Summer Potluck Cookout (Sunday. July 14, 3 pm till 7 pm). Look for the invite in your mail.


August 2013

HAL5 monthly program on "From Mars to Moleskins: Writing and Selling Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Other Speculative Fiction" with Amy L. Herrings. HAL5 annual election of officers.


September 2013

HAL5 Astronomy Day, NSS South East Regional Workshop, and Future Planning Meeting.


October 2013

HAL5 monthly program on "Exploring Mars to Improve Life on Earth" on a special night, Oct. 1 with guest visiting speaker Marvin Hilton. NSS Southeast Regional Chapters Workshop in Cocoa Beach, Florida (Oct. 12). Von Braun Astronomical Society (VBAS) Astronomy Day (Oct. 19). HAL5 will be there at both events!


November 2013

HAL5 monthly program on "HAL5 at 30. Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Space Advocacy, Education Outreach and Technology Development " Light refreshments and cake will be served.


December 2013

Todd May, NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Program Manager will give us a status of the SLS as we approach end of 2013. The meeting will be held at ManTech NeXolve/Gray Research Auditorium. 655 Discovery Dr. in Research Park, Huntsville. Annual HAL5 Christmas Party.
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