Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5)

HAL5 Highlights for 2011


January 2011

HAL5 monthly program by Paul O. Wieland, P.E. on Converging on a Space Program for the 21st Century.


February 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "American in Orbit - 50" current status with Craig Russel. Followed by ISDC 2011 planning meeting.


March 2011

HAL5 monthly program on Rocket City Space Pioneers' pursuit to win the Google Lunar X-Prize update with Tim Pickens.


April 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "Why we must explore Space: Benefits of High Velocity and Long Life Propulsion System" by guest speaker Al Reisz of Reisz Engineers.


May 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "ISDC 2011 Status, Programming and Activities Sneak Peaks." ISDC 2011 Von Braun Center! Huntsville (May 18-22). At ISDC 2011, HAL5 was awarded the NSS Chapter of the Year for 2010!


June 2011

ISDC 2011 Debrief, lessons learned and membership meeting.


July 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "What If We Were Going to Mars? New Ideas to Support Exploration" by HAL5 Officer David Hewitt


August 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "Designing an Enduring Mars Campaign" by guest speaker Gordon Woodcock. Annual HAL5 Election of officers


September 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "Designing an Initial Lunar Landing Site Habitat For Astronaut Training in Arizona" by guest speaker Mr. Kiker.


October 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "The Case and Development Path for Fusion Propulsion" by guest speaker Dr. Jason Cassibry, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Alabama Huntsville Propulsion Research Center. Von Braun Astronomical Society (VBAS) Astronomy Day. HAL5 will be there!


November 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "James Webb Space Telescope: Status and Updates" by guest speaker Dr. Phil Stahl of NASA MSFC.


December 2011

HAL5 monthly program on "From Rocket Belts to Lunar Landing: Peroxide's Quiet Revolution" with Anthony Brinkley and Mark Wells of Dynetics, Inc.

HAL5 annual Christmas party. HAL5 2011 annual report to the membership can be downloaded it here.

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