Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5)

HAL5 Highlights for 2008


January 2008

HAL5 free public lecture on "Recreating the Flight of the First American to Orbit the Earth" with guest speaker Mr. Craig Russell of Americans in Orbit-50 years.


February 2008

HAL5 free public lecture: Mr. David L. Christensen will be speaking to us on early rocket history and his reflections, experiences and observations. If you enjoyed our Sputnik 50th anniversary talk, you will love this. HAL5 at the US Space 50 event.


March 2008

HAL5 free public lecture on "Is the Dream Still Alive?" with guest speaker Dr. Marty Kress, Executive Director, National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC).


April 2008

HAL5 membership meeting, upcoming events planning, and etc at Shoney's. Yuri's Night - Huntsville at LeeAnn's. HAL5 is teaming up with other local organizations to host Huntsville's first official Yuri's Night party.


May 2008

HAL5 free public lecture on "Ares I-X: First Flight of a New Generation" with guest speaker Mr. Stephan Davis, Deputy Mission Manager for Ares I-X at MSFC. At ISDC 2008 at Washington D.C., HAL5 received "Chapter Excellence Award for Public Outreach in 2008."


June 2008

HAL5 membership meeting, upcoming events planning, and annual election of HAL5 officers. NSS 2009 Space Settlement calendar goes on sale from HAL5 and NSS.


July 2008

No HAL5 Monthly program. Have a happy 4th of July. HAL5's Moon diorama at Huntsville - Madison County Main Public library is up. HAL5 has a table at July 19 Huntsville Cub Scout water rocket event. We will be demonstrating a suitecase hybrid rocket on loan from Orion Propulsion.


August 2008

HAL5 summer social: Saturday, August 2. HAL5 free public lecture on "Microgravity Propellant Transfer in Parabolic Flight" with guest speaker, Mr. Mike Brennison, HAL5 and Project HALO team member.


September 2008

HAL5 free public lecture on "Global Warming - Let the Numbers Tell the Story" with guest speaker Dr. John R. Christy, distinguished professor of atmospheric science, Alabama state climatologist, and director of Earth System Science Center. HAL5 table at VBAS Astronomy Day (Sept. 27).


October 2008

HAL5 free public lecture on "HAL5 Really Alive at 25!" with guest speaker Mr. Greg Allison, co-Founder of HAL5. HAL5 celebrates its 25th birthday this year. We have done a lot of interesting stuff. Some well publicized and some not well known. Imagine what the next 25 years would bring.


November 2008

HAL5 free public lecture on "SERVIR - Space Technology Improving Life on Earth. A 21st Century System for Improved Environmental Decision Making in Mesoamerica" with guest speaker Mr. Dan Irwin, NASA Researcher. HAL5 hosted the NSS fall board meeting. To coincide with the board meeting, HAL5 held a paid luncheon lecture on "Ares Proejcts and the Nation's Future" by Mr. Robert Armstrong, NASA Ares Project Outreach.


December 2008

HAL5 free public lecture on " Solar Sails: A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel" with guest author Les Johnson . Book signing will be available before and after the lecture. HAL5 2008 annual report to the membership can be downloaded it here.

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