Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5)

HAL5 Highlights for 2007


January 2007

HAL5 free public lecture on "X Prize Cup 2007 wrap-up" with HAL5 member Bart Leahy. Project HALO Tube Launch - 1 (TL-1) subscaled tube launcher test #1.


February 2007

HAL5 meeting to discuss our plans for 2007, including a status of our existing projects and activities. We will also cover the planned events for the upcoming meeting of the NSS Board of Directors and Space Blitz activities, to be held in mid-February in Washington, D.C.


March 2007

HAL5 free public lecture on "Orbital Space Settlement" with guest speaker Greg Allsion, co-founder of HAL5, HARC and Executive Vice President of National Space Society. Project HALO TL-1 subscaled tube launcher test #2.


April 2007

HAL5 free public lecture "Ares I-X. The first step in the long journey ahead" with guest speaker Mr. Stephan R. Davis, Deputy Manager of Flight & Integrated Test Office at NASA MSFC.


May 2007

HAL5 Monthly program: Membership meeting. Topics included: NSS Banner Redesign contest, ISDC 2007, Project HALO status, HAL5 display at Huntsville Public Library in June, Space Camp 25th anniversary gala, and interest in another Regional Space Conference or ISDC Huntsville.


June 2007

HAL5 Monthly program: International Space Development Conference (ISDC) 2007 wrap up, and annual election of HAL5 officers.


July 2007

No HAL5 Monthly program. Have a happy 4th of July.


August 2007

HAL5 Monthly program: Aerospace scientist and author Les Johnson will speak on his very recently published book (co-authors Gregory L. Matloff and C Bangs) titled "Living Off the Land in Space: Green Roads to the Cosmos."


September 2007

HAL5 Monthly program: NASA Marshall Historian Mike Wright will speak about "Historical Trends in Technology." How our perceptions of technology - including space - have changed over time and what that means for technology today.


October 2007

HAL5 free public lecture on the 50th anniversary of Sputnik program featuring former Von Braun Rocket Team members Konrad Dannenberg and Ernst Stuhlinger, Apollo engineer and aerospace consultant Dave Christensen. Master of Ceremony is Ralph Petroff. HAL5 participated in the Sally Ride Science Festival at UAH, and VBAS Astronomy Day. X-Prize Cup 2007. Project HALO TL-1 static firing number 3.


November 2007

HAL5 Monthly program: Growing into Space: The Youth Space Movement. Introduction to Federation of Galaxy Explorers (FoGE).


December 2007

HAL5 Monthly program: "Recreating the Flight of the First American to Orbit the Earth" with guess speaker Mr. Craig Russell of Americans in Orbit-50 years. HAL5 2007 annual report to the membership can be downloaded it here.

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