Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5)

HAL5 Highlights for 2005


January 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "Space Nuclear Power for Surface and Space Applications" with guest speaker Dr. Harvey J. Willenberg, consultant to NASA, the space industry and an expert on space nuclear power.


February 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "In-Situ Propulsion for Lunar Exploration" with guest speaker Mr. James Hopkins, Senior mechanical systems engineer for International Space Systems.


March 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "Solar Sailing in the Inner Solar System" with guest speaker Mr. Sandy Montgomery, NASA solar sail project manager. Project HALO work nights moved to the home of Steve Mustaikis from Tim Pickens' shop.


April 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "Weightless in Seattle: The Physiology of Living in Space" with guest speaker Ms. Jeri Hopkins.


May 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "Planetary Defense Against Potentially Hazardous Near Earth Objects" with guest speaker Mr. Robert Adam, PE, NASA MSFC system engineer. A record 12 HAL5 members attended the 2005 ISDC in Washington, D.C. It was the largest representation of an NSS chapter at 2005 ISDC - excluding the host chapter. A HAL5 group picture was taken with HAL5 member Konrad Dannenberg. HAL5 received an NSS Chapter Excellence Award for its great accomplishments in 2004. Ronnie received the highest recognition bestowed on an NSS member, the Chris Pancratz Memorial Space Activist of the Year Award, for his extensive work at the national level.


June 2005

HAL5 membership meeting and election of officers. Thirteen members attended. We appointed Greg Allison to be our senior advisor, a non-voting, non-officer position. Afterward, the group discussed what happened at the 2005 ISDC, and asked the members about the possibilities of bidding for ISDC 2008 or 2009.


July 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "Astrobiology of Comets: Life in Outer Space" with guest speaker Dr. Richard B. Hoover, NASA Astrobiologist. Tim Pickens returned to "The Space Show" with Dr. John Livingston on July 5 to talk about his company, Orion Propulsion, his work on SpaceShipOne, entrepreneurial business climate, and so forth. Tim also gave plugs about HAL5 and Project HALO.


August 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "SpaceShipOne Behind the Scenes" with guest speaker Timothy Pickens, President and founder of Orion Propulsion, longtime Project HALO and HAL5 member.


September 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "Private Enterprise and the Vision for Space Exploration" with guest speaker Mr. Dennis Wingo, President of SkyCorp, author of Moonrush. Members of HAL5 visited Senator Shelby's office in Huntsville, as part of the NSS-wide Fall Space Blitz. Greg Allison gave a presentation on "Human Destiny - Why We Must Choose to Settle Space Now to Survive" for the September monthly program of the VBAS.


October 2005

There was no HAL5 free public lecture for this month. We showed a video of IMAX Space Station. Selected HAL5 officers and members attended the first, X-Prize Cup events in Las Cruces, NM. The group setup displays and demonstrated the rocket bikes at the space conference in Las Cruces and at the space educational days in Alamogordo prior to the start of the X-Prize Cup. At the main X-Prize Cup event, the two rocket bikes were a big draw at the joint NSS booth. We talked to the public about the rocket bikes. How this came about from the Huntsville chapter of NSS, and explained that HAL5 has done a lot of hybrid rocketry since 1994. Folks were excited to learn that NSS chapters can be this fun. NSS Executive Director, George Whitesides, thanks the Huntsville folks for the help with the booth and that the rocket bikes helped to bring folks to the NSS booth.


November 2005

HAL5 monthly program on membership meeting, and Yohon and Greg talked about our recent X-Prize Cup. HAL5 has a display case at the Huntsville Main Public Library to show HAL5's history and achievements, its connection to the NSS, its Project HALO's achievements, some rocket hardware and pictures, and what we are planning to do in the future. Project HALO's Tube Launch 1 (TL-1) hybrid rocket motor test #1.


December 2005

HAL5 free public lecture on "NASA's Plan to Return to the Moon" with guest speaker Mr. Stephan R. Davis, NASA engineer and member of NASA Exploration Systems Architecture Study Team.

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