About Huntsville Alabama L5 Society

The Huntsville Alabama L5 (HAL5) Society has made significant contributions toward developing cheap access to space technology, space education, and public outreach since it was formed in 1983. Members share the enthusiasm that space development can stimulate our world with immeasurable benefits in the areas of education, energy, environment, industry, resources, and ultimately room to grow for our society. HAL5 and the National Space Society (NSS) believe that by educating and working with the public, the government, as well as private industry, the date when routine, safe, and affordable space travel is available, can be sooner rather than later.

HAL5 About HAL5's Logo

The logo of the HAL5 is a depiction of the five Earth - Moon Lagrange Points, with the fifth point (L5) centered over Huntsville. The Lagrange points are locations in space where the gravitational pull of two large bodies (such as Earth and its Moon) will hold a small body stationary. In 1976 Dr. Gerald K. O'Neil was the first to propose the L5 site as a possible location for a space station colony

HAL5 Educational Projects, Activities, and Honors

For over 30 years, HAL5 has sponsored numerous educational projects, conferences, and activities in Huntsville. HAL5 continues to host a series of public lectures, forums, and events on space-related topics, at both the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and the Huntsville Public Library. Hot topics have included the International Space Station (ISS), The NASA Space Launch System (SLS), space science, as well as public and private attempts to provide cheap access to space, space sciences, technologies and book lectures. In 1997 HAL5 made the Guinness Book of World Records with the launch of Sky Launch 1. Based on an estimated rocket apogee between 30 and 36 nautical miles, HAL5 claims the world record for highest altitude achieved to date by an amateur rocket as well as by a hybrid rocket of any kind.

HAL5 Note Worthy Dates

At the 1993 and 2011 ISDC between 700 and 850 space enthusiasts from all around the globe gathered at the Huntsville Hilton to hear over 120 speakers lecture and debate on the benefits of space and on what it would take to get there.

In 1994, HAL5 began its biggest project ever, Project HALO (for "High-Altitude Lift-Off"). The goals of this project are no less than to provide cheap access to space for small clubs and student groups. HAL5 has made significant contributions toward the development of nitrous-oxide hybrid rockets (over 300 static test firings) and their near-space launch from high altitude balloons.

2016 HAL5 Executive Officers

President: Yohon Lo
Vice President: Robert Bijvoet
Treasurer: Ronnie Lajoie
Secretary: David Newsome
Membership: Robin Scott
Publicity: Josh Brock
Education Outreach: David Hewitt

Office term: January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

HAL5 Pledges

Keep Huntsville and its neighbors informed of the positive benefits of space research and development, whether by NASA, other governments, or private industry. Alert Huntsville and vicinity during the times for action, whenever letters, calls, and/or petitions can improve our chances for becoming a spacefaring civilization. Via Project HALO, lead the way in showing the public, the government, and private industry, that cheap access to space can indeed be made a reality!

HAL5 is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3), grassroots, space educational / advocacy organization. You can find out more information about HAL5 on our website or by joining usin person at one of our monthly meetings. Help us reach for the stars!

Ad Astra per Aruda! --- To the Stars by Our Own Hands