We have rescheduled Dr. Linda Krause for April. She apologized for not being able to make it our February meeting. Our next program will be on Thursday, April 2, 7 pm at the Huntsville - Madison County Main Public Library's Auditorium. Dr. Linda H. Krause, Solar/Solar-Terrestrial Physics, NASA MSFC and NSSTC will be talk about "Our Earth's Weird Weather: Space Lightning, Gamma Ray Bursts, and Anti-Matter Particle Beams."

The event is free and open to the public. A social will follow the program.

Saturday, April 18: STEAMFEST 2.0 at Lowe Mill
HAL5 will be participating at STEAMFEST 2.0 at Lowe Mill. This year, we will be making and testing popsicle sticks catapults. This is the same activity that HAL5 hosted at Panoply 2014's Interactive Arts Test Tent. Come on out and try your skills! We will also have out suitcase rockets and some hands out materials.

Friday, April 24 to Sunday April 26: Panoply 2015

This year, HAL5 is partnering up with Sci-Quest to staff one of the Panoply 2015 Interactive Arts Tents. We will be assisting Sci-Quest in running the Squiggle Bots activities for the kids. Please come and check us out. If you would like to volunteer with HAL5, please click here to find out more about it.

LEGO is currently having competition for the newest ideas and the Space Launch System (SLS) logo creation is one of them. Take a look and support SLS to become the latest LEGO set to be in the stores! You do not have to have an LEGO account to support this. You can login using your social media accounts.

[ Idea 1] and [Idea 2]