HAL5 monthly program on "Cosmology and the Expansion of the Universe: from Edwin Hubble to the Hubble Space Telescope" with Dr. Massimiliano (Max) Bonamente, Professor of Physics, UAH. The event will take place on Thursday, May 7 at 7 pm at the Huntsville - Madison County Main Public Library's Auditorium.

Cosmology is as old as mankind. Since ancient times, people wondered about the Universe, when it all began, if and when it will all end. The most impressive and somewhat unexpected discovery happened in the early XX century, with the discovery by Edwin Hubble (and others) that the Universe is actually expanding, opening up the question of "when did the Universe begin?" Cosmology has made much progress through the past century, and that includes other very unexpected conclusions that most of the matter in the Universe is "dark", and that most of the energy is also "dark" - meaning we know they are there, but we can't see them. Figuring out the fate of the Universe can be very confusing, difficult and frustrating, but cosmology remains the oldest and arguably most fascinating of sciences.

The event is free and open to the public. A social will follow the program.

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