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Wednesday, August 5: Coaxial Combusting Vortex Rocket Motor

HAL5 monthly program on "Coaxial Combusting Vortex Rocket Motor" with William (Bill) H. Knuth: Founder/President, KEI Consulting Services. Coaxial combusting vortex flow fields can be designed to produce discrete zones in combustion chambers. These zones can be designed to separate the steps in confined combustion processes into liquid phase, vapor phase, ignition phase, combustion, and exit phase zones. The benefits of such design capability include combustion chamber operation with cool chamber walls, localized cooling demands, focused and intensified combustion regions for high C* efficiency and resistance to combustion instability. The resulting rocket combustion chambers are inexpensive to manufacture, exhibit extended service life and are light weight. The key design features of such chambers are presented, and typical applications are described, together with a discussion of the combusting vortex flow field itself.

Recently, HAL5 received the NSS Chapter Excellence Award for Education Outreach for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

For a fourth year in a row, HAL5 was awarded the NSS Chapter Excellence Award for Education Outreach. Special thanks to our members, supporters and attendees of our monthly programs to HAL5 one of the most active chapter in NSS! Thank you!

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