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Start a Local Chapter

If you would like to have a Starter Kit sent to you, send an email to  Include your contact information (Name, address, phone) and the area that you are interested in starting the local chapter.  If you have questions about starting a chapter call 201-945-0769 and leave a number where you can be reached.  I will return your call as soon as possible.

For more detailed information, see Documentation on Chapter Creation.

Downloadable NSS Membership Forms

The latest official paper membership forms for the National Space Society are available for download here.  Print these out to use at your public events.

A Free Web Site for your Chapter

As a service to the chapters of the National Space Society, CyberTeams has made available to us server resources and software tools to make it easy for our chapters to create their own web sites.  A web site can be an important tool for publicizing your chapter and its activities.  For details and to establish your chapter's web site, please send an email to Bruce Mackenzie

For more detailed information, see Documentation on Web Site Creation.

For examples of web sites that some other chapters have created here, please visit one or more of the following chapter web sites:

Clear Lake NSS
DC L5 -- Around Space
Huntsville Alabama L5 Society
NSS-NJN Society for Space Education
NSS Seattle
Oklahoma Space Alliance
Oregon L5

Resources for your Chapter Web Site

Whether your Chapter Web site is on the CyberTeams server or not, NSS has made available graphics, photos, videos, and advertisements that you can link to and/or display on your site.

NSS graphic advertisement links
NSS Photograph and Art Gallery
NSS logo graphics
Chapter logo and map graphics
NSS Video Library
NSS leader bios and photos

Online Meeting Facilities

The NSS Chapters Server has online meeting facilities, commonly known as chat facilities, available for your chapter's use.  This particular chat environment is referred to as MOO.
Click here to proceed to the Online Meeting Facilities section.

Online Calendar

The NSS Common Calendar of Events is a separately maintained FREE Web site where every NSS chapter can add, edit, and delete their event information.

The Foundry for Chapter Projects

A number of chapters have undertaken special projects.  A number of these projects fall under the umbrella known as The Foundry.
Click here to proceed to The Foundry.

The Hub for Chapter Materials

The Hub is a separate web site on the nsschapters server that is maintained by Peter Kokh and is home to a large variety of resources for chapters.
Click here to proceed to the Hub.

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