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Regions of U.S. National Space Society Chapters

NSS chapter regions
World chapter locations
Global chapter locations
U.S. chapter locations
U.S. chapter locations
Australian chapter locations
Australian chapter locations
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NSS Chapter Coordinators

Region   Coordinator Title   Name (click one for more info)
NSS   Vice-President for Chapters   David Stuart
NSS   Chapters Committee Chair   David Stuart
NSS   Chapters Support Liaison at NSS HQ   Jill Jackson
NSS   Chapters Resources Coordinator   Larry Ahearn
NSS   Chapters Internet Coordinator   Ronnie Lajoie
NSS   Chapters Assembly Chair   Dennis Pearson
Intl   International Chapters Coordinator   Al Anzaldua
USA   U.S. Chapters Coordinator   Bennett Rutledge
1   Region 1 Chapters Organizer   James Spellman, Jr.
2   Region 2 Chapters Organizer   James Spellman, Jr.
3   Region 3 Chapters Organizer   Claire McMurray
4   Region 4 Chapters Organizer   (open)
5   Region 5 Chapters Organizer   Fred Becker
6   Region 6 Chapters Organizer   Larry Ahearn
7   Region 7 Chapters Organizer   Dennis Pearson
8   Region 8 Chapters Organizer   Dennis Pearson

(Chapter Coordinator index last updated on 13-Aug-2016)

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